Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Poor Little Bali Street Dog

I neglected to include this little guy in my previous post on the Bali Street Dogs.

This is really much more like what there are just so many of roaming the streets in Bali. Thin. Hungry. Not healthy. Alone. The situation had a pretty serious impact on me. As much as I saw and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and fun that Bali had to offer, each night I laid in bed and mentally reviewed the sadness I had seen throughout the course of the day. I still haven't figured out what I am going to do to encourage donations - to ANY animal shelter [because I know homeless, stray, hungry and sick animals roam the streets EVERYWHERE in the world] - but I AM going to do SOMETHING.

And, when I was doing the post I could not find the two facilities that I knew I had pictures of - well, one is nothing more than just a sign - and I should have taken a picture of the building. We saw a third while we were there. I am pretty sure it was another BAWA, though. Only caught it briefly as we whizzed by in the car.


  1. I know that it is stupid to leave food out for the stray animals. I know that they'd surround my house, breed like flies and consume all i had and more. (Three cats become 37 in a very short year!) But if i lived in Bali i'd do it anyhow: i am such a sucker.

  2. That would bother me too if I were on vacation in Bali and saw dogs suffering like that.

  3. I would have to feed them also. All our married life we have taken in strays. People leave dogs are the marina, on the road near our house, whatever. We take them in, clean them up, feed them. In years past we kept them. We had as many as 7 at one time.

    After a while I just could not do it any more. I started finding homes for the dogs after we cleaned them up.

    Right Truth


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