Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beheadings this year, so far

According to Fox News there have been 82 beheadings this year. Last year there were 137. In 2006 there were only 38. [JWF had this first.]

Another maid has hung herself. It is just sad.

The National Society for Human Rights has appealed to the Labor Ministry to look into the plight of 400 workers who are being abused. The workers are pulling twelve-hour shifts with no overtime, their iqamas have been taken from them, and they not being given cool drinking water, amongst other complaints.

It was a glorious sunny day here in the Sandbox. I'd be happier if it was a good ten degrees or so warmer - but it was perfect for sitting outside and reading while the Kids and their friend, Newfie, played and played and played.

I am trying to get a car to go downtown tomorrow to see if I can find a new printer with the proper voltage [it may be about impossible to find one - and we may have to wait until our next trip to the States to get a printer - that will not make me happy, but what can you do...]. I also want to go to Sears - yes there is a Sears, here - to see about getting a larger freezer. Our Sears is a small one - but it does carry some appliances that have the "proper" voltage. We can find vacuum bags and belts, there, and some other "basics" as well. A big, proper Sears, here, would be wonderful! [If we had a Home Depot and a Sears here life would be almost normal. Almost.]

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