Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Going to be Thinner AND Smarter!

Two morning walks every day. One with each Kid. No more walks together - the three of us - me and The Boy and The Baby. Not since I got pulled through the bushes and dragged over the asphalt. Separate walks. The Boy goes first - and I leave The Baby home, crying madly, as The Boy and I head out. Then after a half-hour or so walk with The Boy, I take The Baby out and we walk for a good forty-five minutes or an hour. The Baby just has that much more energy. She could walk much longer... After I go for two walks then I get on the treadmill for at least two miles - and I try to do three or three and a half. [All depends on what is on TV or what I am reading...] So, at a minimum I'm walking for four miles a day, and probably closer to five. The pounds are not dropping, yet, but I know it takes a good six weeks to notice the difference, right? They'll drop. And, if they don't? The treadmill goes!

How is getting thinner going to make me smarter? According to this, which I borrowed swiped from James Burnett, a team of researchers have come upon some findings that suggest that reducing fat benefits the brain. Although, actually, the study was conducted on patients who had had gastric bypass surgery, and I'm beginning to think that that would be a whole lot easier than trying to shed a few pounds by walking and walking and walking... Perhaps I can get Dr. M. to tell the insurance company that I am putting too much weight on my bad knee and that I would be a good candidate for that surgery instead of the total knee replacement. Hey, it's worth a try!


  1. may be we should say all the best to each other!
    Im on weight loss diet and walking 3kms everyday!
    I don't see any reduction! It has been my second week though! I feel I am cleverer now itself..:)
    i am not that fave of treadmill -- so I get a stepper-twister! it is gr8 at least it doesn't hurt my knees as the treadmill used to!
    so all the best

  2. Let me know how much difference you see in six weeks, Bobby. I've only been doing the three walks - two with the Kids and one on the treadmill - for a week. Not an ounce "thinner!" They keep telling me - "they" being friends - that I'll notice it in six weeks. [I better 's all I'm saying.] So you're a week ahead of me. Let me know. All the best to you!!!

  3. P.S. When the treadmill starts hurting my bad knee - I'm done with it. I'm not running on it. Just walking fast. 4 miles an hour fast...

  4. yup! sure I will tell you. It seems I am an addict to the weighing machine -- I am checking almost 10 times per day!
    My mom warned me she wud hide it if she see me once more! LOL


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