Friday, November 07, 2008

Six Interesting Things...

A few others have this at their sites. You list six interesting things about yourself. Feel free to chime in with YOUR six things!

Here are my six. Although, quite frankly, they probably aren't that interesting at all...

1. I will read just about anything I can get my hands on. Sure, I have preferences, but if there is nothing that is available, I will resort to reading The Yellow Pages in a phone book or the back of a cereal box.

2. I have had long fingernails for as long as I can remember. Going back to being a child. Really. I would feel naked without them.

3. I used to only wear black. Until we left the States, I had no color in my wardrobe. It was all black. Everything was black. Black shirts, black pants, black dresses, black suits [I'm sure I had no less than thirty black suits!], black tank-tops, black bike shorts... All black. I had the shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals to match. All black. Now, I wear NO black at all.

4. I am one of the most predictable people I have ever met. I do not change or stray from certain habits. Ever. I am also a perfectionist. Towels are always folded the exact same way and placed in the exact same spot in the closet. Same for sheets. And, underwear and socks. All the clothes in our closets are organized by color and sleeve lengths and must hang in the same direction. Jeans and pants must all face the same direction. Ditto for the hangers. My spice cabinet is alphabetized and I have a list - in alphabetical order, of course - of every spice in that cabinet. The dishwasher must be loaded "properly." Glasses on the top left, cups on the top rights. Large plates on the bottom left, medium sized plates on the bottom right. My books are alphabetized in my bookcases. I can tell when they have been touched.
There is no room for deviation.

5. It has been eons since I ate any poultry. I cannot stand the smell. I detest the feel of it and I wear disposable gloves if I have to touch it.
I will not cook poultry for my husband. I will, however, cook it for my two precious little four-legged Kids.

6. I am a germ fanatic. If I touch a door knob I must use an anti-bacterial wipe. If I touch money, I need a "wipe" immediately. I wash my hands more times a day than you can imagine. I cannot possibly eat food - with my fingers or hands - if my hands haven't been sterilized, first. I do not use a tub in a hotel room - shower, yes - tub, no. I carry my own Lysol with me to use in hotel bathrooms. I never let my feet touch the floor in a hotel. That is why flip-flops and slippers were made! I whip off the bedspread as soon as I enter a hotel room - I do not want to touch it. I am funny about using other people's phones - or pens - or bathrooms. I don't do it unless it is an absolute necessity. I do not share "personal" items with anyone. No, you cannot use my chap stick. If you use it, you can have it. My husband would be an exception to this, and perhaps my mother or my son, but no one else. I was able to get out of the gym requirement in high-school because of my "germ phobia." I will not take my shoes off at an airport. Go ahead and pull me aside and search me and wand me. Until I see a can of Lysol being used after every person has walked through that metal detector, there is no way I'm taking MY shoes off.

I could add a seventh. I won't. The "game" only calls for six. I have a very, very strange thing I do when I can't sleep. My DH says I probably shouldn't tell anyone I do what I do. He thinks I could possibly be "certifiable."


  1. You are so fortunate to be able to have long fingernails and wash your hands so much! I used to have nice nails, then I became a mom and a germ freak. All the hand sanitizer and soap & water have weakened my nails; they won't grow without breaking. Gah! I'm in serious danger of breaking the 10th commandment (the one about not coveting). :>P

  2. From one germophobe to another... I get you.
    Really enjoy your blog :o)

  3. You know, they have medication and therapy for your condition. There are more important things in life to worry about.

  4. Guess you are a little OCD but I love you anyway. We all have our quirks. Glad you brought color into your wardrobe.

  5. et voila!
    nice list!
    germ-phobia is I think common -- my mom is a germ-phobic. She doesn't touch my dad's PC's keyboard because he smokes!

  6. Dawn-Michelle - One word. "Acrylics." I usually do my own. Time consuming, though. It takes me three hours!

    Kath - I'm glad someone gets me! Glad you enjoy my blog.

    Samantha - So, what are you saying exactly? That you think I need to seek professional help??? It has been said before...

    Kat - A little "OCD?" Understatement, there! Yes, bringing color into my wardrobe has been more fun than I ever imagined it would be.

    Bobby - You know - the keyboard, here, which only DH and I share, isn't something I think about a whole lot. It does get vacuumed regularly, but a nice "wipe" across it would probably do it a world of good. It is one of the things they say that spread the most germs. [Scurrying off to get the Lysol wipes, right now!]

  7. I thought you wear a black garbage bag whenever you go out? LOL

  8. So that's your secret! I'm a little nervous about acrylics. Have you ever had any trouble with your natural nails because of your acrylics?

  9. And, that, Bonnie, is exactly why I don't leave my house unless I absolutely have to! [Actually I can go out and about on our compound without it, but once I leave those gates, I must have it with me.]

  10. Never, Dawn-Michelle. Once or twice a year I let them grow out without the acrylic. Oh, and I NEVER use drills to file - file by hand, only. Once you take a drill to your nail bed, it's all over...


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