Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weddings always make me cry...

Coming soon: A three-day folklore "Festival of Brides" in Jeddah. Sure to be the ultimate high-light of the winter bridal season. Yeah. Because nothing says P A R T Y and F U N like a big segregated wedding. I'd post more on marriages here in the Sandbox, but frankly, it would bore me to tears, right now. Just. Not. Interested.

This, however, screams wedding fun! Stop by Parkway Rest Stop and watch the video Jim posted for this couple's first dance at their wedding.
Jim says, "I'd like to have a couple cocktails with this couple." Dayum! Who wouldn't!!! You just KNOW they would be a hoot...


  1. i hate saudi weddings and I've been clear on that. Although segregated weddings don't have to be boring at all. We have had some fun at segregated weddings at the states.. gave the women more opportunity to let their hair down and have fun than to have men around.

  2. Never seen a Saudi wedding before, or a segregated one for that matter. What are those like?


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