Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nothing Exciting - Weekends are Slow

Thursday and Friday... The weekend, here in the Sandbox. Not such a bad thing that there is nothing exciting happening. The election is finally over. Everyone is happy, happy, happy about the result. Sure they are. Hope change about to take place. We can fix things in a couple of years... Clean up on aisle 1600! Flopping Aces has a post where Tina Fey [a Tina Fey lookalike?] is holding a Palin in 2012 shirt. I want one!

There are a lot of other sites that are being much more gracious about the win than I am.* [I am just a "racist b---h" according to a someone who came here to visit and then posted that as a comment at another site that I won't bother mentioning.] I will get over it. So, it didn't go my way. Lots of things in life don't. I'll woman-up and get over it. [Oh, and just for the record, I could care less what color the President of the United States is. He could be green or purple - or even plaid - and it wouldn't matter to me. What matters is how that person - man or woman - will lead our country!]

Rachel Lucas has good news! She is getting married. Congratulations, Rachel!!! And she is moving across the pond to Britain in January. The Brits will never know what hit 'em...

Gill, That British Woman, has a post on 50 + 1 Sweet Potato recipes. Sweet potatoes are very expensive over here. 40SR per kilo. That is 2.2 pounds for $10.72! How much are sweet potatoes in the States?

Hostess with the Mostess has my absolute favorite eggplant recipe up, again. It is yummy, yummy, yummy. And easy, easy, easy! [If you have kids who won't eat eggplant - I didn't as a child - don't tell them what it is. I bet they'll eat this and luv it!]

Fausta gives us another fine example of the many uses of the oh so versatile duct tape. Too funny...

Using photos of Casey Anthony so that she can avoid the death penalty is just wrong. What about Caylee Anthony? Did she get to "avoid the death penalty?" No. She didn't. Casey Anthony deserves the death penalty. Oh, sure. "Innocent until proven guilty" and all that crap. She did it. The case has been tried in the media, publicly. Verdict? Guilty. There. Surely time, effort and public resources can be put to much better use. "On March 30, 1998, Judias "Judy" Buenano became the first woman to die in Florida's electric chair." Let Casey Anthony be the second woman to get the "hot seat." [Sometimes I crack myself up! Not very often...]

Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twins. Who cares? Whatever.

Michael Critchton has passed away. I read many of his books years ago before I quit reading fiction. I still do not read fiction, unless it is written by Brad Thor! [Had no idea that Brad Thor is the new Salman Rushdie. Big surprise. (/sarc off)]

News more local to the Sandbox...

Raouf Amin, an Egyptian physician, has been sentenced to 1500 lashes and 14 years in jail for "addicting a Saudi Princess to painkillers." [Personal responsibility? What is that?!?] "An appeal court judge ruled that Amin will be beaten weekly until he has received 1,500 lashes... The Middle East Times was told by a human rights lawyer that Amin was given his first 70 lashes last week and will get 70 more this week." Read the whole thing. Weasel Zippers does a MOST excellent job scouring the bowels of the internet so I don't have to...

The Rizana Nafeek [a young maid who languishes in jail with a pending death penalty hanging over her head who is accused of killing a baby] case continues; her interpreter has left the Kingdom, for good.

*Listed in absolutely no particular order or preference...


  1. Doctor Amin should have addicted Rizana the maid to painkillers, then she would get the lashes (but not feel them much?).

  2. Unfortunately, Vermindust, lashes are the very least of Rizana Nafeek's problems.


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