Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Non-Event

It has come and gone with not a single trick-or-treater. Thank goodness! The Kids do NOT like Halloween. My Kids think children are scary enough without costumes. I turned the lights off last night - and locked the doors. Wouldn't have mattered - I didn't have any candy to hand out. If someone would have shown up I would have had to do what this commenter over at Ace's place did:

"...for Halloween I'm the stand by the door parent while my wife takes the kids out. I got myself an Obama Halloween costume to wear." [Racist!]

"Instead of handing out candy, I'm redistributing the candy of the kids who come to the door."

"When the kids come to the door I look at the bags, reach into the heavier ones from the kids that went round the block three times and give some of that to the lazy kid who doesn't want to walk so much."

"It's making me *real* popular. I may have to put the cars in the garage tonight."
Too damn funny!


  1. So in that place, Halloween is ok to celebrate but Valentine's is not? Very telling!

  2. I can only vouch for residents on our compound, Anonymous. I would bet that downtown Halloween was NOT celebrated.


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