Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank-You Websense for Protecting us from Viewing Hormel Pork Products

We are going home for the Holidays. I have asked my Mom to get ribs for my DH - the precooked ribs - that you simply open out of the package and put on the grill for a few minutes. [I won't eat them - not because I don't or won't eat pork, but because I don't eat meat. Period.] Pretty much, but for a few cans of sudsy ale beverages, that is all my Dear Husband has asked for. Seems so simple. My Mother asked me where she should get them and who makes them. Hormel makes them. Get them at Sam's Club. I tried to send her an e-mail this morning with a picture of what they will look like in the meat department at Sam's. The website is blocked! It says that the reason is because it is a "Phishing and Other Frauds" site. Gimme a fn'g break!

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