Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Way Too Funny!

I did not find a dying giraffe at all amusing. Nothing funny about it. Nope. Was not amused. Someone commented that he [she?] "really thought people in the Middle East are capable of finding humour [sic] in such jokes," about the dying giraffe, and said that it originally came from a comedian named Jeff Dunham. I crossed off both comedians as someone I wouldn't give the time of day to because they think a dying giraffe is funny and I do not. I can laugh with the best of them. I like comedy.

So, without further ado, I present, for the second time that I have posted YouTube videos, Ronnie Khalil. The man is absolutely hilarious!!! [Or maybe it is just my sense of humor...]

Part I:

Part II [Dearest Son and only two-legged child of mine... Aarick, Aarick, Aarick this one is for you. You and Dagny should be watching it together. Time to make babies!!! But... You know. No pressure or anything. Surprise wedding? How long have I been saying I'm going to do that for you?!?]:

Part III:

Part IV:


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