Saturday, May 30, 2009

American Tax-Payers Should be Incensed!

I know I am. Outraged. Beyond. I should not have watched Hannity this morning. Should have just done the dishes with the television off... But, noooo. Have to have my kitchen television on Fox News in the morning - and the one in the living room on, and the one in the bedroom on, too. That is when I get to watch Bill O'Reilly [not his biggest fan - he has moved too far to the center for me], Greta Van Sustern [she is worth watching when she is not doing what I call "tabloid" crap - like Natalie Holloway - which was fine for its initial report, but some six, or seven or eight months of it... and Anna Nicole - save that for Entertainment Tonight, Greta], Sean Hannity [so glad Alan Colmes is gone from his show], Glenn Beck [who I didn't think I was going to like - something to do with his delivery, even though his message IS always right on point - but he's grown on me], Bret Baier [the best of the line-up, if you ask me] and Greg Gutfeld. Back to Hannity...

Sean Hannity had a great program today [last night] listing the top 101 wastes of tax-payers money. Some $1,234,631,672 DOLLARS of tax-payer money going to pay for things that WE DO NOT NEED! I can't find the entire hour of his show, detailing such a waste of tax-payers money, but here are three of the videos [if others get posted and I run across them, I will post them]... Sean's videos should be required viewing for the entire country!

Number 59, lying, fat-cat sputtering john murtha's special airport:

Numbers 29-10:

And, numbers 9-1:

Have 48% of American's lost their spines? I think so. I realize there were tea parties protesting all of this, but still... Yesterday Coach was on Beck. Craig T. Nelson knows where his spine is:

Did not know how much I just luv this man! Tell it Craig! He wants to quit paying taxes. Umm yeah. So do we. But the problem with that is that we would be thrown in jail [I think we all know that only the jeja's administration and close personal friends can get away with not paying taxes]. The government is in dire need of our tax money and it is not going to let us go without paying it. Why should my DH and I have to be paying for so many welfare programs that are of NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER to us! We do not have children in school. We are not living there [in the States] - driving on roads and highways - we are not using police or fire protection services; we're not visiting parks and national monuments - none of that. We will happily pay for defense and for our Veterans and military associated costs. We would pay more for those if we didn't have to pay for the rest of the crap. Sure, we will be in need of all of those services and benefits when we return to the States [if?!], but we are not using them right now. There are only TWO countries in the world that require its citizens who are working "overseas" [or elsewhere - out of the country they are citizens of] to pay federal income taxes. The United States of American and Albania. [I can't find a link for this - but, I do have a good friend who lobbies on behalf of overseas workers to not lose their tax breaks - we get a break on an amount of our income that isn't currently taxed - ha! it will be soon! and she says there there are only two countries - the U.S. and Albania.]

Glenn explains why we should pay our taxes - and it would not be pretty [neither DH or I look good in orange] for us not to:

And, then Glenn has a former IRS worker explain how it is that WE would be thrown in jail [but doesn't quite explain why tim geithner, charlie rangel and tom daschle won't be!]:

Ahh. Life in the U.S. is just grand, isn't it!

I hope the 52 or 53% that voted for the upsurping jeja to be put in office get the ever luvin' shit taxed right out of them! I mean it. Heck, they should be taxed for the opportunity to be allowed to take a piss. And if they are the same ones that are all for going green, on top of the rest of the crap that is being shoveled at us, then they don't get to use toilet paper. I want them - that 52 or 53% - to pay the new [not yet imposed - but "on the table"] VAT tax for every single purchase they make - I don't care what it is. I want them to pay much, much higher taxes on soda and alcohol and even more on cigarettes - you name it. That group - the ones responsible for this mess and the mess going forward - I want it to hurt you where it really counts. I want you to feel financial pain so badly you can barely breathe. You don't even know how badly I want for your entire miserable pathetic lives to go from bad to worse. I want for them to not be able to afford anything but the bare necessities - and even then - if they can't afford them, to freakin' bad. I want them to not have cable television, no cell phones, no money for any pleasurable thing of any kind - oh, and I want themn to be sterilized, too! If they have no money, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are going to be doing with their time. [Yeah - those of you that voted for this - just think about how awful it can be for you while the jeja and his wide-ass fist-thumping lout wife are dining on Wagu beef, or flying pizza in from Missouri.] I just don't want to have to pay for it. Any of it. I am so sick and tired of paying more and more and more and a heck of a lot more and more and more than MY / OUR fair share. Enough already. E-FUCKING-NUFF!


  1. Sabra,
    I'm not sure what the percentage is, methinks it is a rather significant one, of those who voted for His Lowness don't pay ANY taxes. The ones who voted for him are ones WE are supporting with OUR taxes. Generational Welfare Junkies and corporate farmers in Manhattan who wouldn't know a corn stalk from a dandelion.

  2. Oh yeah, Sabra. Nick and I watch Hannity last night and by the time Greta was on we both had steam coming from our ears.

    The bastards who voted this asshat into office have no clue regarding taxes and who pays them. And the liberals with money who voted for jeja really don't mind paying more taxes, hummph!

    Oh we were pissed alright. But what worries us more is this internet czar giggles is appointing, you know, to keep us safe from a cyber attack.

  3. "Generational Welfare Junkies and corporate farmers in Manhattan who wouldn't know a corn stalk from a dandelion." Bingo! Makes me ill, Linda, I mean just ill!!!

  4. P.S. Oh, and Linda, lets not forget how many voted for him because he is a black man. Not because he had any experience or any special skills or anything to offer. Reverse discrimination or some such bullshit.

  5. With the internet czar, is he up to 14 or 15 now, Janice? Doesn't matter. Just more government put in place to keep us all in our places. I watched Hannity's show twice. By the second time I watched it I was spitting nails and ready to do things I never thought I was capable of doing. Oh, I am, though. I am! [Things which, of course, cannot be discussed in such company - or put in writing as a way to memorialize them - but ohhh... You can't even imagine what I am wishing and am hoping...]

  6. I don't trust ANY politician with money and it's not like the president can do all this without the approval of congress. Would all this have not happened if McCain was voted president?

  7. Of course it would have, Samantha. [Heck. Look at the Tarp Funds - that was President Bush's fault!]

    I'm just saying that the jeja owns this one. And his followers. After eight years of BDS? Oh. You bet'cha! This mess is all the jeja's. And it is a bigger mess than any of the past Presidents combined, since Carter...

    What's the saying, "How do you tell if a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving." Honest politicians are so few and far between they are an anomaly.

  8. Yes Sabra, reverse discrimination is just what it is. Just like his SC nominee and HER brilliant decision in Ricci vs. Destephano, the cse about the fire fighters in Conn. She didn't even want to give these guys a chance to be heard by the Supreme Court. I'm seeing another Civil War coming and it will not be pretty.

  9. Hmm... A point of concern-ish for me is the seemingly bland amount of criticism offered (not you specifically, but overall) in response to an activity that has been there, has been happening and is so much a process-norm (if not cultural norm) of the govt. machinery that it is no longer unique, mind-blowing or even eye-opening. Sure it is being highlighted now, or it is being made a ruckus of now, but it has been there forever. Annually, since the times of Reagan and Ford, these amounts existed and were spent (in their proper proportion, of course). All 2009 is doing is making all this information more accessible and more visible.

  10. Unfortunately, Linda, it is going to take something incredibly drastic to get our great Country out from the hands of the usurper and his followers and enablers - throw 'em all out of congress, as far as I'm concerned, and hang 'em all high in a tree. Justice is the one thing...

    I digress.

    Yes. Another Civil War or something. And you are right. It will NOT be pretty.

  11. "...seemingly bland amount of criticism offered..." Are you kidding, farkknight? All we've heard for the last eight years is criticism!

    I agree with you that this is not unique, and that this has been there forever. I do however, diagree with you that the "amounts existed and were spend (in their proper proportion, of course)." No one - NO ONE - has done what the jeja is doing. And it isn't just the money - although that hurts - it is about freedom and rights. We're losing everything - not just money - and people are just willing to roll over and take it. I am very afraid of what the U.S. is about to become.

    Financially, though... I know that we won't be a part of it. I'll find someplace else for us to go and we will renounce our citizenship. We have worked too long and too hard to have it all taken away from us to be given to someone else "who deserves it." Bullshit. Not going to happen.

  12. Hmmm.. true. The scale at which this is happening 'is' different, but then again, frankly, the public asked for it. I think these 2 quotes sum up the dilemma quite succulently:

    - "Think of a person with average intelligence. Think of his/her acts, habits and responses. Now think that half the entire world population is dumber than that"

    - "Nations who sacrifice freedom for security end up losing both"

    I firmly believe that is the road the USA is on.


  13. "'Think of a person with average intelligence. Think of his/her acts, habits and responses. Now think that half the entire world population is dumber than that.' OMG!"

    Pardon me, farkknight. I'll be out in the back yard banging my head against the cement block wall. You are so right on that point.

    And spot on that "frankly, the public asked for it." True, they did. 52 - 53% of the people's voice was heard [of course it was an illegal election, imho, with acorn and all and the fact that the jeja doesn't even qualify to run, but beside the point]. Unfortunately, the other 47 - 48% of us are the ones that will be paying and paying and paying.

    Sigh... Heavy sigh.


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