Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why No News On This?

If it wasn't for the blogosphere, I wouldn't even know it was happening: "...Migrants Riot in Athens." I've seen a couple of other articles, but when I "googled" it, very little came up on the subject. Why is that? Why isn't it in the news?

And, is it safe for American traveler's? Is the situation under control? Will it all be done and over with by next month? Not feeling real warm and fuzzy about our trip at this point. Just a little bit disconcerting...


  1. Holy crap, Sabra!

    Bad timing....

  2. Typical timing for us!

    I hear the Parthenon is under renovation and covered in scaffolding, too. [We visited Rome, this happened, Cairo it happened, and Singapore, as well.]

    What are a few rioters? No big deal, right? Yeah.


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