Monday, May 11, 2009

Head Count is 32

Total so far this year. Five were beheaded yesterday; four Saudis and one Chadian. Their crimes? "Abducting children and raping them." I'd say they all deserved what they got if they were abducting children and raping them. [Marrying an 8 or 10 year old little girls, apparently, doesn't qualify as child abduction or rape?] 102 were executed in 2008.

Men selling women's underwear is still in the news and still a dilemma, here. NPR finally caught up with that news yesterday - just a bit behind the curve [what else would you expect from a left-leaning, publicly funded radio station?]. If you have 4 minutes and 43 seconds of your life that you want to waste have a listen, here. Or, you can take my word for it - that it isn't worth listening to. Whoever is doing the reporting, Kelly Mc-somthingorother, isn't able to tell you anything that hasn't already been told on this blog - the Facebook campaign to boycott lingerie stores, blah, blah, blah. One of the comments left there was, "This is outragious [sic] men selling women's underwears [sic] to women. Of course, women are embarassed [sic]. But King Abdullah - is he not Bush's father [sic] best friend? I wonder if Laura and Barbara Bush would go in those stores to be served by men.... This is a ridiculous law." Psst! Get off the Bush-wagon. He isn't our President any longer. He was replaced by the jug-earred-jack-ass that YOU voted for. You know. The one who bowed to King Abdullah! [How do I know the commenter voted for jeja? Look at her spelling. Clearly uneducated. 'Nuff said.]

Alarming! "Number of spinsters on the rise." There are "around 1.5 million" unmarried women "above the age of 30." Oh my goodness... Hmmphf. Who would have guessed... What happened? How come there are so many unmarried women? Their fathers couldn't get someone to pay dowry money for them when they were - oh, say - eight and ten years old? Is that the problem? A 2007 survey "showed Saudi girls at the age of 15 and above who have not been married constitute 32.1 percent of the entire women population while the remaining proportions represented married women, divorced women and widows. Statistics show that there are 100 women for ever 102 men in the Kingdom proving that the Saudi society is more balanced than other societies." Yeah. Who would want an old fifteen-year-old? Interesting comment about being "more balanced than other societies." Really??? "More balanced?" Guess that is open to interpretation.

"Poor pay, workload cause of brain drain..." Yep. That is what it says for this article. Personally, if I was a judge I would be a little offended that it was phrased that way, but then, when a judge, here, can get away with saying it is okay to slap your wife's face... "A leading Saudi jurist has said many judges seek jobs in other countries because of the volume of work and poor salary in the Saudi court system." There are less than 900 judges, here. This country is what - the size of Texas? Land-wise. What is the population? How is it that there are so many cases that need to go before judges when the laws are so strict? [ And, oh my gosh, what is the "American Academy for Shariah Scholars?" When did America start practicing shariah law?!? Read the article.] Muhammad Al-Nujaimi says, "Judges are offered high salaries in foreign countries." Interesting that you can just go off and be a judge in another country - don't you have to pass some sort of bar exam in that country first? He goes on to say that "society should take a firm stand against family violence." How about taking a good look at the judge who said it is okay to slap your wife? That would be a good start. Would it not?

And, speaking of the judge who said it is okay to slap your wife in the face... Not a single letter to the editor in today's paper offering any protest.


  1. I was actually chatting with a saudi last nite that insists beheading isnt carried out so much anymore...saudi is more tolerant

  2. Well, actually, CR38, he's right. At the rate they are going for this year, it would be accurate to say "beheading isn't carried out so much anymore..." Heh. Only five yesterday. Still, they are going to have to do 8.5 a month [and play catch-up] if they want to reach last year's quota - and they're only doing 6.4.

  3. The workload to the executioner was high last year, so he must have protested stating that he doesn't have time to sharpen his sword, practise the right swing!!
    I never knew that saudi exports jurists in addition to oil....brain drain it is ofcourse!!

  4. Almost all of this can be under the heading of "It is ONLY 1430 in KSA".
    In the brain drain article, I was a bit surprised to see this guy advocating the removal of guardianship from the man...loose use of the term there...who is found guilty of abuse to wife/children. Why not just abolish the guardianship thing altogether? Allow the women to become adults at 18. That would aleviate the whole problem of women needing males to conduct business, etc.
    In all honesty though, when I first saw the article's caption, my first thought was "isn't having a brain the first requirement before it can be 'drained'"?

  5. In China you've got millions of soldiers pi$$ed off that there are no women for them to marry due to the one child law. In SA- at least it would appear that they are not intentially aborting female fetuses. Just killing them softly by abuse...


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