Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Shock I Did Not Need...

Got an e-mail from my friend Tariq yesterday that said, "Big brother is watching you!"

What?! Ut-oh. I need to tone it down some. Which post was it? What did I say? Thankfully it wasn't "me." Phew. Gave me a bit of a jolt - a little shock to my system, that I did not need - and then I opened the e-mail. [Thanks, Tariq!]

Although there is no doubt in my mind that "big brother" does watch, here...

Now, "big brother" wants to install cameras to watch the youth to be able to identify them and "correct the mistakes made by some..., in order to protect their moral integrity." Hmmph. It is going to take a whole lot more than cameras, but that is beside the point. The religious police want to put "surveillance cameras in shopping centres [sic] and public places to monitor the behaviour [sic] of young people." What about the old people? Don't they ever do anything wrong?

The article says, "Saudi Arabia's religious police have been accused by many Saudis of violating young people's privacy by providing the media with the names of those who are caught engaging in behaviour [sic] considered in breach of Islamic Sharia law." Calling bullshit on that. Cannot remember the last time I saw a name of a Saudi in the newspaper - either one of them - who was accused of doing something wrong. Heck. They don't even publish the nationality of someone who does something wrong - UNLESS they are an expat - then it gets published. As do names and sometimes pictures of the person in trouble. It says, "Their names are then published in Saudi newspapers." Oh, really? So, then "Arab News" and "Saudi Gazette" must not be considered Saudi newspapers, because we certainly don't see names published, there, in either of them.

How about Saudi starts with installing cameras to monitor traffic and issue fines and violations? That would go a whole lot farther, in my opinion, of correcting "mistakes."

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