Sunday, May 31, 2009

Verdict Coming...

... for another rape case in which two men [guess the nationality?] "have confessed" [the woman was able to identify them] to "breaking into a house and raping a disabled woman in front of her children." Yeah. A DISABLED WOMAN - IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN! What kind of sick, twisted, perverted thugs do something like that?!! A verdict will be announced "soon." The woman is demanding that "her attackers be executed." I should say. If it was anyone else that had done this, say an Asian or a Indonesian or a Nigerian or a Pakistani or an... They would have already been executed.

Oh. And what about that rape of a Filipina woman [we were told her nationality some half dozen times - as if that makes any difference and has anything whatsoever to do with the price of rice] by SIX SAUDIS? Where does that case stand? When will that verdict be announced?

The mother who accused her husband of putting heroin in their baby's bottle, which I posted about a couple of days ago, has been found to be "suffering from psychological problems and is being treated in coordination with the Social Protection Committee." [Well, of course she has. Any time something goes wrong with a family here they are found to be "suffering from psychological problems." What does that say? Very, very telling, if you ask me.] The charges of child abuse, against the father, have been dismissed. Even if it was a hoax, the mother did not pull of nearly as good of one as the woman from Pennsylvania did! I'd be willing to bet that Bonnie Sweetin has some "psychological problems" right now, and that she is going to have a whole lot more than that, by way of a plethora of legal problems [including, perhaps embezzlement?] in the very near future.

Those mobile phones can be so pesky! We have a gazillion blackmail cases - happens so regularly, here, that I don't even bother with them anymore. Ho hum. Who cares, kind of thing. I recall seeing somewhere in news on this side of the world that men would no longer be able to divorce their wives using text messages on phones, but that doesn't mean that a phone can't be the cause of a divorce. "A Saudi teacher was divorced by her husband after she left her cell phone at a restaurant... The woman was at the restaurant on a date with another man and forgot to take her mobile." The phone was found and an honest cleaner called "a number listed under the name 'husband' and informed him about the phone." The husband called the school where she was employed and was told "that she had taken off early, as she was meeting her husband." Ha! Caught. The husband is divorcing his lying, cheating wife [the article does not say if it was wife number one, two, three or four.] Moral of the story? Don't be misplacing your mobile.

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  1. Unbelievable, the stuff that goes on over there, Miss Sabra.

    I am speechless.


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