Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Couple Sentenced for Killing Maid

One couple out of how many? It is a start. The maid was tortured. To death. The husband of the woman that tortured the maid - to death - has been sentenced to nine months in prison "for his failure to take action." He has been in jail for the last six months, awaiting trial, and now has another three months to serve. Not nearly enough for idly sitting back and watching his wife beat and abuse an Indonesian housemaid; he was charged with negligence. The wife has been charged with manslaughter. She has been in jail for the last 11 months and lawyers expect that she will receive a sentence of about 2 years when she is formally sentenced on July 14th. Big deal. Two years. The maid's family has received blood money. I wonder if they have received the maid's wages, as well. Anyone want to bet that during the time this poor woman was beat and abused she wasn't paid?

A man who beat his wife has not been punished. The court ruled that it is his right to beat his wife. She probably deserved it. She just would not stop nagging. Case closed.

Here, a young woman is accusing her father of abusing her and wants authorities to "declare that her father is no longer her legal guardian as she claims that he married her off to an old man for a large amount of money and then contributed to that marriage ending in divorce only to marry her off to another old man for an equally large sum." Ahh. So that is why having daughters is such a good thing. It is a money making venture. The twenty-something-year-old woman "also alleges that her father has abused members of her large family, tortured her mother and threatened to kill" them. [The man has a right to beat his wife; see above. I don't know whether he has a right to beat his daughter but if the man, her father, is her guardian, then...] The young woman says that "she cannot go to university at present as she receives death threats through her mobile from her father and brothers." You would think that that would be evidence and that something could be done. Her new husband, a man more than twice her age, waits for her at the university gates. Her father married her off to him for SR200,000 [$53,619.30]. So. Let's see. Her father has married her off twice for that amount. He has netted over a hundred grand. The first time her father married her off, seven years ago, she was a young teenager. Such is life in The Sandbox. According to the article the young woman's mother divorced her husband some seven years ago - but she has yet to received the official divorce document. In order to actually get her divorce she has to sign a "paper to drop all responsibility for her children." Isn't that the way it works, here, anyway? The father gets custody. The mother never gets to see the children again. The man, the husband/father sounds like a real tool. She, the mother, says that "her children have been psychologically affected by the many problems they have faced and the threats that have been made against him," and cites for examples "the father pointing a gun at his nine-year-old daughter's head [what? she didn't want to get married, or something?], another daughter lost her ability to speak for three months after her father beat her when she refused to be married to an old man for SR200,000." There are fifteen children - FIFTEEN - of which six are girls. Money-making baby machine is what that woman was! The woman says that "her husband used to marry off his daughters at the age of 14 to old men for over SR100,000." File under: Only in The Sandbox. I'm not seeing a speedy resolution to this saga...

Unique way of disciplining a child when he is crying and screaming. Bury him up to his neck in sand. Yeah. That will stop all that crying and screaming and carrying on. Gee. Never would have thought of that. I did the "time out" thing. Probably not nearly as effective as burying a child. Hmmph.

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