Monday, May 25, 2009

Plea to Other Bloggers

What in the world would I do without the protection to myself which Websense gives me. Oh my gosh, I might read comments at other blog sites!

If other blogs have post titles with the words "xes" or "p0nr" or "yag" or "f^(k" in them, I can read the post - if it is all up above "the fold," but I cannot access it if it is under "the fold" and I cannot access the comments. [Heck, if I use those words myself I often get the "blocked" screen! One of these days I'll be blocked out of my own blog. It is gonna happen...]

Sweetness & Light has a post up about Hillary giving "yag partners" full benefits. I can't get to the comments. There have been many, many others, but for today, that is the one I wanted to see. Nope. No can do. Like it is a secret that Hillary is a... Never mind.

Just gives you an idea of the mindset here in The Sandbox. Absolutely everything is xesual in some way, shape or form. [Emphasis added to make the point even more clear!] Hello? Not everything with the word "yag" in it actually has to do with hotsteamymenonmenfornication! The powers that be do absolutely everything they can to prevent any of us from self-harm by not allowing us to read or view even the most inane internet content.

I need to just be thankful I can get to what I can get to, I guess, and not implore others to please not use "those" words in their titles. Or if they are going to use them, at least code them so I can try to get around Websense. But, if by chance other bloggers are reading this, and you know I've visited your place, if you were to take this plea into consideration I would be ever so grateful.


  1. I'm telling you, Sabra, you gotta look into getting satelite. It is well worth the price.
    I can email you the replies you were trying to get to if you would like.

  2. DH keeps saying, "Next time our subscription runs out..." And we keep NOT getting it. I don't think he can live without Showtime [sports package - because there is nothing like watching three-day paint drying competitions - errh - I mean golf tournaments, the occasional Nascar race and football in the fall / winter]. I'm guessing unless I start being a bit more vocal to him - and by that I mean constant nagging [which, I CAN do!] then I am going to be stuck with what we have. Sigh...

    It's okay, Linda, I appreciate your offer, and if there comes a time when I cannot live another day without getting to something, you'll be the first person I e-mail. Promise.

  3. You could always learn the fine art of proxies. :)

  4. Screw a proxy. Information is still sent in clear text. The government can monitor you as long as it isn't encrypted. You need an SSH tunnel. If you have an account on a server somewhere outside a monitored zone, via an SSH account, you can browse anywhere and its all encrypted.

  5. I'm going to send you an e-mail about this, Pat [look for it later]. Would have no idea where to begin... Thanks!


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