Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Disgruntled Employees

Lots of them, here, in The Sandbox. Apparently. Another one, probably trying to escape her employer. Hmmm. Wonder why that is. [Yeah. How could it possibly be that housemaids want to escape from there employers? Because they are way over worked and way underpaid? Because they are physically abused? Just a guess.]

For a brief minute or two, I was thinking that perhaps reporting methods were changing. [Maybe someone has been reading my blog? Doubtful.] Not only does this article identify the man's nationality, but his nationality is listed in the title. "Saudi man held for smuggling African woman." Nothing has changed. Identifying the man's nationality was, obviously, just a fluke. In the same story - last paragraph - another man is accused of smuggling "a violator of the Iqama and labor regulations." He was smuggling drugs, too. Guess the nationality?

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