Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There Really Is NO Toilet Paper At The Mall!

[Shamelessly swiped from Moonbattery's site.]

In order to see it with my own two eyes... I went to the...

Had to search for the Ladies Room - since I've never been in one, there - had no idea where it was. Look at the signs. Really not much difference between the two, is there? See? This is why it was so confusing for me when I ended up in the men's room at the McDonald's on the Causeway many years ago. [I think you can enlarge it by simply clicking on the picture.]

Not a very good photo of the signs. I'll try again for better pictures another time...

There are fourteen stalls...

11 holes in the floor.

3 toilets.

Not a single roll of toilet paper in any of the fourteen stalls. Not one. Each and every holder was empty. Not a single two-ply sheet of tissue [or a single-ply sheet of tissue] in the entire restroom. Sheryl Crow would be so proud.

There are a fourteen sinks - and soap ONLY at the ends of the counter [who designed this?]. NO paper towels, either. Just four blow dryers [next to the soap dispensers].

Genius. Simply genius, I tell you.

Oh, and the view, standing, waiting outside for the bus. Lovely, isn't it?

KIKA is going out of business. IKEA went in, almost right next door. Who was the marketing person in charge of this? Brilliant, move. KIKA was way, way overpriced for not the best quality, if you ask me. People here seem to just luv, luv, luv IKEA. I don't get it. But, to each his own, I guess.

Lazy, lazy people. Lone shopping carts. People just can't be bothered to return them to the stores. That would be far too much work.

I don't know who "A.Z.K" is - or if it stands for something - but everyone should have initials like these on the back of their five-year old dented Suburban, don't 'cha think? Way cool. Impressive. [Snort.] [Is the "period" missing after the K? Sure looks like it is.]

What is really sad, though, is that someone has enough time on her hands to go to the mall to check out the ladies room just to see for herself that there really is NO toilet paper; and then took the time to inspect each stall, count the stalls, make a note of how many holes in the floor there are... Okay. So I made the trip specifically to be able to post this report. It was productive, though. I got a really cute top at GAP and a gorgeous blue silk dress at Massimo Dutti to wear on our cruise.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Is this investigative journalism at its best? Or, what!


  1. At least the bathroom looked fairly clean...kudos for that.

    Something you learn very quickly in the middle east...carry those small packs of tissue with you everywhere...they come in very handy.

  2. I appreciate your sacrifice....in bringing us the latest "sandbox" turn-from-western-culture.....but they sure love our autos, clothing and big guawdy letters on the rear windshield....

    sarcasism off....

  3. "No toilet paper for you!" - The TP Nazi. This post was hilarious. Fine work on your part Sabra, with excellent photos.

    Regarding the photo of a "real" toilet in the LADIES room: Hey, who left the seat up?!

    Regarding the photo of the nice ceramic hole in the floor: The lack of common sense on the tile workers part screams out in this particular photo. Ceramic fixtures are typically standardized with respect to the tile size. This is established to minimize the amount of time & labor necessary for cutting tile. In effect there is no tile trimming required. From the photo, the ceramic basin (hole) is 3 tiles wide by 4 tiles deep. However the tile worker did not factor this into consideration. Had he located the "hole" one inch forward he would have a perfect fit and no tiles to trim/cut. Instead, he ended up having to cut the 3 tiles in front & 3 three tiles at the rear.

  4. I did not notice that, myself, StDiesel. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention and pointing it out. The tile work.

    But, then, since I have never ventured into the Ladies Room at The Mall...

    I am much more concerned with only four soap dispensers - NOT conveniently located - next to the 14 sinks. Ditto for the air dryers. Thank goodness I have Kleenex and antibacterial wipes in my bag!

  5. So, I'm reading your blog, as I do every day at my office and, lo and behold--your pictures of the restroom are blocked!!--"forbidden category--nudism" What?! I cannot believe it!! I knew we had filters here for the really 'bad' stuff, but this actually smacks of what you must encounter there with Victoria's Secret. I guess I'll just have to wait till I get home to see the pictures. At least I have a way around the 'censorship' here!!

  6. Oh my gosh. Lots and lots of "nudism" here, Barbara, if you are looking at the color of the tiles - beige, tan, nude... Not a single - nary a one - of a "nude." Promise! Welcome to MY world!!!

  7. Off topic, but did you see this:

    Be sure to see the comments, too.

  8. Sabra, very interesting....so the men stick that hose up their butts??


    Where are you going on a cruise, and what port are you leaving from? We're avid cruisers ourselves!

  9. Correction: There is the letter "z" in the Arabic alphabet.

    Ex: The first letter of the word for rose : زهرة is the arabic letter za...or z.

  10. My mistake Anonymous. There is no "f" and no "p." Thanks for the correction.

  11. Wait - there is an "f." There is no "p" and what other letter?

  12. Miss Sabra - Sad is the fact that I HAVE been contemplating this subject at odd moments of my day since you raised it last.

    OTOH I'm so happy you found a fabulous dress for your cruise. A good dress is hard to find.

    P.S. I also found the tile commentary fascinating.

  13. Holes instead of toilets is what nightmares are made of. That's just foul. And how is one to keep their shoes and black bag dry while hosing off? Icky.

    I completely understand your love of hand sanitizers. If you run out let me know and I'll ship you a case! :)

  14. Bathroom was very, very clean, CR38. There was an attendant. I'm sure she probably thought I was some sort of crazy - checking everything out - taking pictures. She didn't say a word, though.

    I'm all about sacrifice, Janice!

    Thanks for the link, Bob. Comments are the best part of the article. I may post on the issue again and use the link.

    I have no idea what men do, Steve. And, having only been in the one men's room - at McDonald's - I can't tell you what the men's room at the mall was like. [We're leaving out of Athens for our cruise.]

    The post was edited to make the correction, Anonymous. I appreciate your pointing it out. No "p" and no "v."

  15. I just spent way too much time reading your blog! I enjoyed it very much and have added you to my blog roll.

    Now I'm curious, does one strip down in order to use the hole without making a mess? Yikes.

  16. What a kind compliment, ispyu! Thank you.

    "Does one strip down in order to use the hole without making a mess?" I have absolutely NO idea! Not a clue.

  17. Athens...ahh. The waters of the Agean Sea are a crystal deep blue. You're in for a treat. My last Med cruise was on a US navy ship!


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