Thursday, June 04, 2009

54 minutes and 22 seconds...

...of my life I can never get back. Speech in Cairo by the jeja is here in four separate parts. Really no reason for any other leaders of the world to continue ruling their own little domains. The jeja seems to have it all under control and will be the first, self-appointed, world leader from hereon out. Oh, sure. He says everything he has aspirations for, that he thinks can be achieved in the world, will need to be done "together." Don't believe him for one single skinny second. If his lips are moving, he is lying. Hoo Boy.

Anyone else see it? Any thoughts?

"...what pushes us apart." "The future for our children..." I'd say on those two points he has done what he can. I'm about as far apart from anything that he believes in on a professional or personal level as I can possibly be. And, as to the future? The man is destroying the future faster than I ever imagined any person could single-handedly do so.

Oh - and in the first video where he says he will tell the truth. WTF?!! You are in front of how many people and you actually had to convince them that you were only going to tell the truth? Speaks volumes, if you ask me: everyone knows you are lying, and you have to try to convince them otherwise, that you are not. You were NOT able to convince me.

I'm going to go turn the television on, now, and the DVD player, and stick in disc three of season one of Monk. Something - anything - to cleanse my brain.

UPDATED: One of the best comments I've read, yet, is over at Flopping Aces place:

Ken says,

"Alice in Wonderland has nothing over on “the one.” He lives in a fantasy world where historical facts are skipped over or changed to suit the moment. If speeches made up of soaring rhetoric and catchy phrases could change the world then Obama would be a master but in the real world he is a man wihout much experience in any area and it shows. The press and the progressives around the world will wet their pants over this speech but in the long run what will it produce, nothing. Obama is so sure of himself that he is willing to use moral equivalency and expect to get away with it in juxtaposing the Israel and Palestine conflict and trying to justify his stance. The mass media in this country is so biased in favor of Obama that the average American who does not look beyond his or her TV or newspaper is fed a daily dose of Obama the hope of mankind. What a joke, what a sham but hey maybe just maybe the American public will wake up and actually look at what is happening to this country and elect a divided government at the next mid term elections."

I'll update with other good comments and spots [those which I feel free enough to publish, here, as I see fit - my blog - my choice.]


  1. what is "jeja"?

  2. barenakedislam6/04/2009 09:30:00 PM

    Some of the Israelis have the best comment on Obama - "NO YOU CAN'T." They were protesting Obama in front of the American Consulate in Israel yesterday, even going so far as to say, "20 new settlements by 2010. YES WE CAN!" I say it's about time, and hopefully Netanyahu will reflect their opinions in his actions.

    Did you catch this video where people are bypassing Obama's outstretched hand in the receiving line with the Saudi King?
    Here's a link:

  3. Go over to Atlas Shrugs site for a complete and highly interesting analysis of the speech:

  4. that was 30 seconds of my life i'll never get back reading your retarded post

  5. So find someplace else to go hangout, Anonymous. No one said you had to come here.

  6. I love that last comment! I am surprised with what you can post and get away with.

  7. I'd planned to watch it live, then the arlam clock rang and I hit the off butten and fell back to sleep.

    I'm with you Sabra, I have nothing in common with this guy and he's sold the future of this nation down the river...or to the devil, you pick.


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