Tuesday, June 09, 2009

She Just Wouldn't Shut Up!

And, that is why he killed her. Some years ago, when some husband was in the news for murdering his wife - I don't recall which one it was [it was not Scott Peterson*] - DH and I were discussing it and I asked DH why he thought the husband would do that - murder his wife - and he said, "Because she just wouldn't shut up." DH said it in an effort to get me to quit talking. I have no idea what DH was doing at the time - no doubt something vitally important - reading the paper, or trying to watch a football game. No matter. His little ruse - in the form of such a snide comment - did not work and I continued talking.

[Big thanks to Big Bad Wolf for coming up with such a great video!]

In the news, today...

A man has been arrested for murdering his wife. No identifying details given [name or nationality - big surprise!] about the man who reportedly "beat up and strangled his wife before leaving home... Police are questioning the husband to ascertain the motive behind the killing." Perhaps she just wouldn't shut up.

In this instance, a Burmese man has been exonerated for the murder of his wife. He was being held and interrogated but has since been released as the police have "announced the capture of the woman's real killer." Although police initially believed that the husband - the Burmese man - was responsible, they were able to identify a "new suspect and put him under surveillance until they found conclusive evidence... The man later confessed his crimes during interrogations." Anyone besides me wonder what methods are used in interrogating suspects? Interesting, though, isn't it, that suspects always confess.

Another young boy - a 13-year-old - has been rescued by police before the boy's three abductors could have their way with him. Weren't there a couple of reports on this kind of thing last week? What is it with boys being "kidnapped" off the streets by older males? The article makes no mention of what their intentions were, but I think we can all pretty much guess that those intentions were not particularly noble. The article makes no mention of who the kidnappers were or what their nationality is, either.

Disturbing. This case. For doing nothing but helping a 12-year-old girl an Asian man has been sentenced to 100 lashes for his "suspected sexual contact." Merely by accusation of the girl's parents [nationality? guess!] that the man, who was a water delivery employee, touched their daughter improperly, he is found guilty of a crime. The Asian man "claimed that any contact was unintentional and made while he was trying to help her carry a heavy water container." Be careful out there - Asian men - and DO NOT help any one do any thing!!! Just look at what could happen to you if you do...

What is the head count up to, now? 36 or 37? An Egyptian man "convicted of murdering a Saudi" was beheaded yesterday.

*DH has always said that he just does not believe Scott Peterson killed his wife.


  1. In the spirit of the title of your post, I offer this:


  2. Perfect, BBW! I included it. Needed to be done. What an adorable video...

  3. http://tiny.cc/uWx9Q
    Saw this yesterday. I wonder how long the Burmese man was "interrogated" before the police considered looking at the evidence again.

  4. You can bet it was not done quickly, vermindust, and you can also bet that it was nothing as gentle as panties on the head, rap music - or Barney - or whatever they are playing, and you can also bet that the man was praying he'd be water-boarded! Check out what William Sampson went through! It was not pretty.

  5. Aww! That video of the little girl is just precious! I am willing to bet that she is very smart and probably understands a lot more than what people around her think she does!


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