Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Story of a Pooch Saved from the ME

The horror this poor pooch endured by his Iraqi owner about puts me over the edge. The Soldier who saved him - and named him "Nubs" after his ears were cut off [anyone want to bet it was done while the pooch was fully awake and that he felt every moment of the pain and agony?] - has brought him to the U.S. to live with him [saving Nubs from further abuse - he was stabbed with a screwdriver - what kind of human being does this do an animal?!! I am giving the Iraqi owner far too much credit - he was a barbarian, not a human being!!!] Thank Goodness for the Soldier! What a heart-warming story.

Borrowed from Wild Thing's place.

[Can someone else watch the other videos that this YouTube posting has listed - two of them - the second and third ones, "Mistreated Iraqi Dog" and "Iraqi Dog Fight to Death," respectively - are probably rampant with abuse and I know I cannot handle it. Let me know if I should or shouldn't watch them, please.]


  1. Miss Sabra,

    The video entitled, "Iraqi Dog Fight to the Death", is actually not horrible in any way. It's several soldiers in a room with two dogs, one of which appears to be a puppy, just playing. That's it. It's actually kind of boring :) which is good.

    I couldn't get, "Mistreated Iraqi Dog" to work.

  2. These cases pose no moral dilemma for me whatsoever; just do the exact same thing they do to the dogs to the owners. Don't watch the videos, Sabra.

  3. Interesting. Kate says it is okay to watch. Shabaz says it is not...

    Not going to watch it. But thanks for the heads-up, Kate and Shabaz!

  4. Mistreated Iraqi Dog is about Nub going home, to the soldier's friend. Heartwarming scenes at the airport.

    Iraqi Dog Fight to Death--is about some soldiers playing with two pet dogs one older than the other, and the 2 dogs playing together. The title and commentary are a good-natured joke.

    Safe to watch for a dog-lover.

  5. You should watch them. The "Mistreated Iraqi Dog" is about Nub's arrival to San Diego and the "Iraqi Dog Fight to Death" is simply two dogs playing and being loved on by a couple of soldiers. Kate thought it was boring and I can see why, but I thought it was kind of cute.

  6. Thanks, Anonymous and ispyu.

    I watched the video about Nubs before I posted it.

    It was the "dogs fighting" that scared me - and I wasn't sure I wanted to watch that one. But now that I've been told it is safe for dog lovers...

  7. Anyone who mistreat a dog IMHO is a beast....I don't understand why someone could hurt a dog, they don't ask much only love, food and cookies but they give back unconditional love

  8. Sabra, you asked what kind of (?) could do that to an animal? Well, it's the same bastards that commit FGM, beheadings and homicide bombings of innocent women and children....and mutilate animals like this one. Bastards!


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