Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Mistake

I responded to a commenter last week [you know who you are!] and to get his message I signed up for a "facebook" type thingy. It is called "Tagged." Big mistake. Every day I have twenty or thirty new e-mails. They are all from men. Men I don't want anything to do with. Some of them send me "winks," and I don't even know what that is because I just delete them. Some of them have "bought" me and I am now worth some $10,000 or so because I've been bought so often. I don't know what that means either because I just delete them. Some of them have sent me messages - and I don't know what they are saying, because I just delete them. And an awful lot of them want me to "chat on-line" with them. You've got to be kidding, right? I don't think so. So, what a thrill it is every day to open my e-mail and see that I've got all these messages, and then when I open that page and I find out "Harry A" has tagged me, "Midou M" has tagged me, "Sa Ra" has tagged me, "Vincent U" has tagged me - and some several dozen others... Hey, guys, no offense, but I'm just not interested. Don't bother wasting your time. I think I am going to cancel my "free" account with "Tagged." Just don't need this many men showing up in my e-mail and it is more just like junk that has to be dealt with to get to the real mail. Yep. Canceling my "Tagged" page. I just don't have time for such trivial crap. I am not interested in meeting new men on-line for chatting or anything else. Get a life!


  1. Tagged is a PITA (pain in the a$$).

  2. I just got a ton of spam email from that "tagged" site. Luckily, no male-admirer emails, though;)

  3. How one innocent act can snowball into a big bunch of crap!

    I've never heard of this "tagged" thing. Is it sort of like a virtual reality hosting site? I'm going to check it out.

  4. Sabra, I just found this little gem about tagged,

    Seems they're in a lot of trouble for spamming and phishing. Not good.

  5. I deleted my Tagged account for exactly the same reasons. I put up with it for about a year (on and off) and never ever received one message or friendship request from a lady...all having the nerve to leave me a phone number thinking I might call them up...a complete stranger.Calling me dear and sweety and messages they have sent to a complete stranger.

    I dont think so...I deleted it.

    I deleted my MySpace account for similar reasons...the men were more polite but still after the same result.

    FB is way better.

    so far

  6. If these people were able to effect normal social interaction they would be out in public doing that thing. But if you leave now, what will the other three women do without you to absorb 25% of the male mail?

  7. Just came across this -
    I THOUGHT it was a little strange when I received separate e-mail messages from two people I knew only slightly asking me to click and see their photos on a social networking site called Tagged.

    I ignored them at first, but then thought maybe I should check it out. After all, I should keep up on what’s hot in the social networking world, right? This could be the new Twitter.

    That’s when I started doing everything wrong. I obligingly typed in my e-mail address and a password to see those photos. Well, the photos didn’t exist, but I had unwittingly given the site “permission” to go through my entire e-mail contact list and send a message to everyone, inviting them to see my “photos.”

  8. I know what you mean about Facebook, one my biggest mistakes I have ever made, ever!!!!
    Some weird men have found me there, including some I simply crossed paths with in Middle East, like a mall or someone from 1987 who had crush on you......CREEPY.
    Really spooked me out.....

  9. Those can be pretty bad (spyware, phishing). I used to work with a woman I gave my email to (haven't talked to her in over a year) and I get a tag every month or so from her. Perhaps they think the legs at the top of your blog are yours? ;-)


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