Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Same Old Same Old

[The computer is "acting up." I do not know what is wrong with it. It keeps stopping. The little circle thingy just goes around and around and around.]

Day in, day out. In the news, today:

For 15 years he was a she - now she is a he. The 19-year-old is going to marry one of his former classmates, now that his xes-change operation has solved his identity crisis. They will live happily ever after, no doubt.

Ouch. I bet this guy is going to have some scars. His wife - kind of, sort of - of 15 years poured boiling oil on him while he was sleeping. Apparently she was sick and tired of the guy not getting around to making their marriage official - the paperwork, after that long, still has not been finalized, which is why I said "kind of, sort of" to their 15 years together. The woman [and it must be important to note that she is Indonesian] has been "detained by police." Look at the bright side. Since the paperwork was never finalized, a divorce should be pretty simple.

This is sad. A 12-year-old child has committed suicide - he hung himself - because his father would not buy him a PlayStation. Sounds to me like a spoiled brat that needed just a little bit of firm parenting - like eleven years ago.

Nothing really exciting or earth-shattering going on in The Sandbox. I guess that is not such a bad thing...


  1. She said "that she continued pouring the oil over her husband even as he pleaded her to stop." Maybe he should have bought her a Playstation.

    Is it not illegal to marry outside the race without special gov't permission?
    If they were not married but had two children, where was the Council who is supposed to prevent this sort of vice?
    If she had done the same thing with cold water would this have been considered torture?

  2. Well, well, well. Most excellent questions, vermindust. Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. On the guy with the boiling oil caper, serves him right. Most, if not all Saudi men mistreat their wives. I even saw this in Bahrain...and the girl even looked like a 14 year old typical schoolgirl from the US.

    Ever have one of those thoughts where years ago, you wished you had voiced your suspicions - but didn't?

    As far as the computer goes, it sounds like you are running Vista. But when you say it keeps stopping, does the cursor on the screen freeze up as well? That's a sign of bad sectors on a drive. I'd start backing stuff up if I were you and get yourself a new hard drive.


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