Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Want to Have Jon Voight's Babies!!!

Watch it.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Saw it at JammieWearingFool's place, first. Thanks so much JWF for posting it so it could be shared and spread 'round the world.

Now, y'all excuse me while I go scream Jon Voight's words from the nearest minaret. [Oh, the irony. Don't I wish!]

NOT A CHANCE IN HE!! that I'd even consider carrying the jeja's spawn! Not in this lifetime, not in the next, or the one after... If the entire world depended upon it, and it was just me and the jeja? Civilization would come to an abrupt end.

Every once in a while someone asks me why it is that I so dislike the jeja. [And that is putting it mildly. Pure unadulterated hatred is so much more apt...]

How's this for starters:

Again, with thanks to Jammiewearingfool. The jeja is utterlyfuckingclueless on all things policy - both domestic and foreign. What a prolific embarrassment he is! Never fails to disappoint though, in that regard.


  1. As usual, he doesn't even begin to answer the actual question. He just mumbles about his own BS. Loved Voight. Wow.

  2. Yeah, ispyu. Ah ah ah ah - uhh uhh uhh uhh.

  3. You posted an excellent example of what the Big "O" is like without his teleprompter. But like a perfect Community Organizer, he rambled on for three minutes without saying anything, and spoke so slowly I thought he was going to take a nap between phrases.

    It was interesting to read in the Saudi Gazette that the King gave him an ultimatum regarding the Palestinians.

    Allah help us.

  4. With the jeja there are two choices, PE. We can either listen to him drone on - with him being the ONLY one enjoying the sound of his voice for his lengthy speeches - with his head bopping from side to side like he is watching a tennis match so he can read of the TOTUS, or we can listen to him stutter and yammer for minutes on end - saying nothing worthy of listening to.

  5. Refreshing indeed to hear a rational voice out of Hollywood.

    If you had Jon Voight's babies, you would be Brad Pitt's mother-in-law!

  6. Thank you for bringing me back to reality, Shabaz. I am not quite old enough for that - almost, but not quite! E-mail me when you get your package from The Sandbox. It is on its way to you.

  7. I think I've seen you around the camp before...you're that white trash republican bitch. I could point a white trash racist republican bitch from a mile. So Jon Voigt..fuckin Jon Voigt…. is the new republican hero now, wow....just wow...amazing. So lets see who the republican luminaries are now, sean hannity, rush limbaugh, newt gingrich, glenn beck, michelle malkin (I cant fuckin believe he mentioned her name), and jon voigt...ahh this puts a huge smile on my face since I am sure the fucking racist party is going down...as we say in Arabic, good ridding to the permanent trash in history.

    I’ve told you this before…get the fuck out of our country, you are not fuckin welcome in here…god damn fuckin bitch…I welcome all the open minded and respectful foreigners in here (including the true representation of Americans…not you you scum of earth) as you wouldn’t wont any racist and disrespectful..ohh wait you’re a racist bitch yourself….so I guess you wouldn’t have a problem having racist scumbags like you living where you live..just as long as they like the same thing you like (which is basically your kind) and hate everything else that’s not you. That’s the official motto for the modern republican party.


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