Friday, June 26, 2009

Underwear Still In the News

When the issue is finally resolved - as to whether or not women should be the ones selling personal under garments to other women - it will be a good thing. I have said before - I just won't buy any of my under garments here in The Sandbox. I had the one experience - years ago - when I went to purchase a strapless bra and the man said that he did not have my size, but that another size would be the same thing. Ahh. No. It isn't. The campaign for women to be working in the stores that sell such items has been a long one. There are some very nice stores, here. I can't put links to the sites because they are blocked; La Perla and La Senza are two of them. Nice, and extremely pricey. [A bathing suit I liked at La Perla cost 700 and something riyals - that is more than $187.00 for a bathing suit! No. Of course I did not buy it. And, the MAN who was working the store wanted me to buy it without even trying it on first - there is a NO RETURN policy. No way!] A group of women, here, have just completed a training course on "how to fit, stock and sell underwear." It was a 10-day, 40 hour course attended by 26 women, and it was also "the first course of its kind to be offered in the Kingdom." How is it then, that men have been able to sell these items up until now - and they continue to be the only ones allowed to do so - if they have never been trained to do what is required to, specifically, "fit" women for such personal items? I do have sympathy for the women here, in this regard. It is both embarrassing and humiliating to go into a store and have some man - a man you do not know - a complete stranger - trying to tell you what size you are or are not. The sooner the men are out of these stores, the better. Good luck on this one, ladies.

A Saudi man has been executed beheaded for raping a child. Have to give the newspaper credit for reporting the nationality, which is more than often left out unless the nationality is any other than Saudi. The situation involved a five-year-old boy and his three-year-old sister. Absolutely sickening. At least the man will never be able to do what he did again, ever, to another child. Compare that to the man in Oklahoma - David Harold Earls - who raped a four-year-old girl [and possibly her five-year-old bother, and allegedly his own daughter when she was eight-years-old]. He was sentenced to ONE YEAR IN PRISON! He is scheduled to be released in September of this year. So he can do it again? Just so wrong on so many levels. If there was ever a kind of case for the death penalty, David Harold Earls is the poster boy! No, I do not agree with the way executions are carried out in The Sandbox - death by lethal injection just seems so much more humane. I do, however, strongly support capital punishment, and believe that if the United States took just as tough of approach to dealing with criminals as other countries do, then crime statistics there would rapidly decline. Just my opinion... Oh, and by the way, I have no idea what the count is up to, at this point. I have lost track. Still behind last year.

Interesting story. A group of men here, mostly Filipinos, have been arrested for cross-dressing. A group of men - 67 of them! Must have been some party. They should go to San Francisco. They'd fit right in. And, since the United States is getting ready to open its borders to anyone - oh, wait, it already has...

A "psychologically disturbed" ['ya think?] man has "cut off his own male member with a knife in an apparent suicide attempt." Good grief. Could he not have thought of a less gruesome method? Lorena Bobbitt was unavailable for comment.


  1. Supposedly Earl was let out of Prison early because he was dying of Cancer back in 1996 he hasn't died yet so he could re offend.

    I hope all the people involved in not making sure he didn't get released to re offend get their dues.

    Impeachment for the judge and the busy Attorney General who is running for Governor, he can forget his political career. The Democrat Governor in office now is highly unpopular with Oklahomans who didn't want him taking the Porkulus money aka Stimulus Money.

    2 November 2010 U.S. Election, 36 U.S. Senate Seats are open, and 435 U.S. House Seats are open for election. Right now the Democrats control 2 branches of Government, and Unemployment keeps going up. They said without the Stimulus Bill Unemployment would go above 8% we are sitting at 9.4% right now, and it keeps going up.

  2. I can assure and promise you, keyboard jockey, that neither my husband or I voted for the jug-eared-jack-ass [the jeja]. Democrats in BOTH branches are DESTROYING our Country! I can't stand it!!! Let's see how well they fare in 2010. Suffer. I want - noooo, I NEED - to see some democratic suffering. "There. Take THAT!@!"

  3. i can think of more than one democrat i'd like to 'Bobbitt'... (either end)



  4. I can think of more than one democrat and more than one Republican, SA!

    After Friday - the Crap and Trade Bill - forced down our throats and with EIGHT Republicans to blame that need to be marched off the nearest plank of a pirate ship... And forced down our throats while the news of the nation was that the King of Pop/Pedophiles had died... Sigh. Heavy sign.


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