Monday, June 08, 2009

But, But, But...

How can this be? For such a devout society these figures are staggering. The 2007 figures show that 78 cases - per day - of divorce or revocation of marriage and khul'a were recorded. Using just the numbers - the 2007 figure for how many marriages there were - per day - 357 - means that about 1 out of 5 - the actual number is about twenty-two percent, of those marriages end in divorce or revocation of marriage or khul'a [whatever that is]. [Khul'a, defined here, is when the wife wants a divorce and she pays her husband something in return for him allowing her to divorce him. Interesting - it also says that when a divorce takes place, the children stay with the mother until they are seven years old, at which time the decide which parent they want to live with - how it is then, that more often than not the children end up with the father by ruling of the court? Further, it says that a man can marry the same woman up to three times - but she needs to marry someone else after they divorce before she can marry her ex-husband again.] I don't know. Perhaps I am being naive, but does anyone else think that if men and women were allowed to get to know each other and date and then get married - you know, as opposed to a father choosing a man for his daughter to marry - that there would be fewer divorces? What is the current rate of divorce in other parts of the world? Just curious...

The second case of swine flu has been detected here in The Sandbox. A Saudi student returning from the States was singled out via thermal imaging cameras at the airport in Dammam. He was on two flights returning from Washington - how many people did he infect? The article does not say whether or not the Saudi student went out for baby-back ribs and a beer on his final evening in "the West." How else could he possibly have contacted swine flu? [Sarcasm, off.]

A disposable worker has died in what has got to be a horrific demise. An Indian man feel into a cement worker he was trying to repair and "reportedly suffered fatal injuries from the mixing blades before his body could be extracted." Rest in Peace, Indian worker.

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  1. 22% divorce rate is actually pretty good. The figures for the USA are more like 50%.

    Note that in neither case does it mean that 50% (or 22%) of PEOPLE get divorced. It's more like 25% of couples get divorced, then they get married to someone else, and get divorced again, and then try for 3rd time lucky.

    So a smaller percentage have a larger number of marriages and divorces than most people, and boost the averages up.


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