Monday, November 16, 2009

But, but...

...there isn't any of that wicked liquid allowed here, right?

Another quickie article and another quickie game of "guess the nationality."

The police have had to "rescue... a woman found running down a street... 'half-naked' with her drunken husband in pursuit." So. Let's see. The husband gets drunk, the couple gets in an argument and the husband turns violent. The woman has to "flee the house" and does not have time to put her black bag head-to-toe covering on. The article doesn't say whether or not either of the two were arrested for anything - but if the husband was arrested for his "drunkenness and violent behavior," shouldn't the wife have been arrested for venturing out without her obligatory covering?

Snark off.

1 comment:

  1. At least PVPV Councel did not show and give the husband a stick. They were "taken in for questioning", which cannot be terribly pleasant for either of them, but it must be better than having her "fall down the stairs" again.


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