Sunday, November 22, 2009

Liar liar pants on fire...

But no one in Washington seems to care that whatever comes out of the mouths of our "esteemed" leaders is nothing but a big fat lie.

harry reid, just a couple of days ago, said this, about his ohhh-soooo-fabulous plan that got shoved up our unlubricated butts last night:

"We've traveled really a long ways to where we are and tonight begins the last leg of this journey that we've been on now for some time. The American people - president obama - have asked us for health insurance reform - it [that?] does two things - one, makes it more affordable for the American people - we're not going to add a dime to this - in fact, quite the opposite. We will cut the problems we have with the money around here by as much as three-quarters of a trillion dollars - and - this bill is going to do good things over the next ten years for so many different people in our society."

Oh my gosh. Just listening to this numb-nuts-gas-bag talk makes my head spin! Has this man got any more than a public school education? He comes across as someone who has no secondary education whatsoever - and these are the people we have in charge running our Country? God, help us!

Rush Limbaugh nails it:

"None of that is true. The American people are not asking for this. It's toward the bottom of the list of things they think are important. Employment - the economy - is at the top of the list right now. It's not going to be deficit neutral. There is not a word he said that's true, here. Not one."

Unfortunately, the fact that whatever comes out of the mouths of ALMOST ALL OF OUR WASHINGTON elite is a complete untruth just does not seem to matter any more. I just don't get it. I just don't. Is it just me? And, how is it that this
ohhh-soooo-fabulous plan we're going to be forced to eat isn't quite good enough for "them?"

My. Gosh. What, exactly, is it going to take? I can think of only one way that any good can possibly come out of this. Just one. It is not pretty.

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  1. They lie with straight faces and uninformed Americans believe them. Voters are going to be upset when they find out they won't get their government health care for years, and they are going to pay for it, probably more than they would have to pay for private insurance.

    Right Truth


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