Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is this a good thing?

I guess so. I do not follow the political realm of things here in the Sandbox like I try to follow what is going on at home in the States. There has been a conflict here - men from Yemen trying to infiltrate Saudi Arabia, at the border, not too far south from where we are to do... Who knows what... Disrupt the status quo.

All of the fighters here who have martyred themselves, fighting forces in Jizan, are going to be paid SR1,000,000 for doing so. That is $268,096.51. Probably not a bad thing. A whole heck of a lot more than families are reimbursed for soldiers who fight for America [and, by the way, that is one increase in our federal budget I would support - but make there be cuts somewhere else at the same time - how 'bout we try to recoup some of the billions paid out in FRAUD every year... again - as usual - I digress].

Have to say this, though. King Abdullah knows what dithering means and he doesn't dither. It is through his Royal order that the payment will be made to the families of the men, "of each martyr," and along with a handsome pay-off "each martyr will be promoted posthumously to a higher rank." If the jeja had just a miniscule of the "gumption" that King Abdullah has... [Remember when the jeja came to visit the Sandbox? Did you see King Abdullah bow down to him? Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. That would NEVER happen. Nope. You only saw the jeja bending over to - oh - never mind.]

This I don't quite get, though: "Also, all their sons and brothers will be recruited into the military, according to the Royal order." So, that is a good thing, then? Now, these men's martyr's "sons and brothers" get the opportunity to risk their lives, too? Is that what the "sons and brothers" want? Is that what the martyr's families want? Not that it matters what anyone else wants. The King has said what is what in a Royal order. It will be done.


  1. I would rather someone be hot or cold, be decisive rather than wishy-washy. Obama is the worst.

    I put up an article yesterday on Iran's Proxy War With Yemen, which has become a hub for Al-Qaeda activity apparently. Nothing new there.

    Iran seems to be the real bad guy in the region with nasty fingers everywhere.

    Right Truth

  2. Iran supporting the Yemen rebels, the government trainning and sheltering Al-Q, the Saudi air force helping the government, even though Al-Q sending assassins against the House of Saud, the children starving to death INSIDE the UN camps because the blockades are that damn tight and everyone (apparently: it's foggy) shooting at the Somaliis because you are never too busy to spend a few rounds on racial purity. A distinct lack of good guys there, but no shortage of innocent civilians getting it in the neck.

    The king is doing well by his people to keep it all on the far side of the border. Consripting the sons and brothers into service on the border, and using air power to end the war quickly and thwart the Iranians seems ruthless, but is possibly more merciful in the long run. So long as you don't have to see pictures of the dead civilians.


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