Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Fault. We NEED Satellite Internet...

...because Websense won't interfere with my "clicking."

Don't ask me how I got there - I was actually at Legal Insurrection's site which took me to Dan Riehl's and then to... You know how that goes. One click leads to another. Somehow or other I ended up checking out this two-legged cat [which, in my opinion, is OBVIOUSLY photo-shopped], and then I scrolled down and saw "Crazy Splits." Cannot link to it because the most useless program in the entire world, Websense, has blocked it. Why?


The Websense category "Lingerie and Swimsuit" is filtered.

How is it that something as innocuous as "Lingerie and Swimsuit" can be "filtered," but yet, I can still get to "The Greatest Cleavage Moments in TV History?" [Not linking it, I'll be blocked.] I can also click on "The 10 Biggest Breasts in the World." Unbelievable. Well. No. Actually it isn't. That's websense, for you. Like I said. The most useless program in the entire world. Oh. And thank you so much for protecting me from myself. You can view the entire site, here.


  1. I keep telling you....

  2. Happy half cat day, or what??? LOL

  3. I know Linda, I know. And DH says, "we'll look into it..." and that is as far as it goes.

    Our company provided internet is much less expensive.

    So, what did you think John, photo-shopped?

  4. The two-legged cat could be real. I saw video of a two-legged dog and he was precious. The family took him in as a puppy, care for him, loved him, he walked on two legs like a person and didn't know any difference, thought it was natural I guess.

    Right truth


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