Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well So Much For That

Of course it hasn't passed yet. Just the bought and paid to "vote for cloture" so that it can be debated on the Senate floor. Fools. We have fools in elected positions spending every freakin' dime that Americans have not yet made. If this ridiculousness passes - and it will - so much for having my surgery in February in N.C. I refuse to give another dime more than I have to to the American government.

For all of you out there who think you are going to have free medical care and will have health insurance coverage for the rest of your sorry little lives, do you realize what your congress critter has just done? Women no longer need that pap smear and they will no longer be a candidates for a mammogram for early detection. Cervical cancer kills. Breast cancer? Don't worry about it. Men? That PSA test isn't really necessary either, since prostate cancer is slow-growing... [Good thing you can afford to pay for your colonoscopy, Katie!] I, personally, can afford to pay out of my pocket for health care - and will - but the rest of you that voted for anyone that has a "D" behind their name? You are going to be $hit out of luck. Don't come crying to me.

There will be a 5% "botox" excise tax on every cosmetic surgery [and similar] procedure - beginning in 2010. That is $585. more that I would have to pay. Not paying it. Oh, I'll still have my surgery done. I just won't have it done in the States. If this monstrosity does pass...

Americans are being taxed to death - literally - and there is a percentage of the public - some 47% of them - that thinks this is okay. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. How's that hopechange working out for everyone? Jobs? You are not going to have one. You won't be able to afford a home and that SUV you had your eye on? Ha! Regardless of this whole climate change scam, the government is going to force you to drive some little buggy with a scooter engine.

Is no one else upset that the people running our federal government are going to be covered by different standards for medical care and insurance? If it is good enough for the American people, shouldn't it be good enough for them, too?

Vote the whole lot of 'em out. With few exceptions most of them are not worth what we've paid them for.

Oh, and this butt-phukking we're about to get? There will be a tax on lubricants, too. Just bend over and take it.

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