Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Thing My Mother Called

Thanksgiving is in TWO days. TWO! My Mom called and left a message on my machine about what her plans were going to be - we were outside last night when she called the first time, and when she called the second time - I must have been in the shower or something - because I never heard the phone... DH was probably in the living room watching TV. You have to be in the study - or in a very quiet house - to hear the States phone ring. Saw the light blinking this morning. Oops. Dear Mom was already in major preparation mode. Huh? Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday? Really?

There were FOUR turkeys left in the freezer at the Commissary. I got the smallest one. I don't eat it and cannot stand the smell of it cooking so I want it to be in the oven for as little time as possible. This is the first year that I can remember the DH hasn't won a turkey playing golf - but this year the rules changed so that some of the people that have never won turkey's in the "turkey shoot golf tournament" could win. Yeah - his buddy John! Dayum you, John. You have OUR turkey. So I forked out 127 riyals [$34.04] for a ten pound turkey. $3.40 a pound. For turkey! Half of which is completely inedible because it either a full-out bony carcass or guts. [The direction say to cook the guts in a pan and add them to the gravy - or stuffing, which they provide a recipe for - yeah - thanks. Fat chance of that ever happening in this household. That's precisely why they make gravy in a jar and stuffing in a box!] Outrageous. Just outrageous. What is the going rate in the States - per pound? Just curious.

No matter. We're having the traditional dinner and DH will be happy. He gets turkey only once a year, unless someone else makes it for him. [He doesn't get chicken, either - unless it is served outside our home. I'll cook beef and seafood and pork - but not poultry - unless, of course, it is for The Kids. That's a whole different story.]

Turkey, instant mashed potatoes - I honestly think the Betty Crocker Butter & Herb instant mashed potatoes are just as good as any I can make - and a whole lot less fuss and mess, Stovetop Cornbread stuffing, broccoli with Velveeta cheese sauce, rolls... and for dessert? Mrs. Smith's Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Dinner - in an hour or so - not including cooking that nasty turkey.

Just cannot get into the whole Holiday's thing, here, yet. Perhaps in a week or so. Have given Christmas absolutely no thought at all, but for having done shopping for friends and relatives in the States while I was there. They were wrapped and delivered before we left. Here, though? Barely on my radar at this point. Oh well... Not like there are decorations on the street-lights, Salvation Army bell-ringers outside of the department stores, Christmas carols on the radio, and a whole lot of Christmas-y things going on in the Sandbox. The Holidays have never really been quite right over here on this side of the world. They just aren't the same. Gee. Go figure. In a country where only ONE religion is allowed to be practiced. Who'd have thought...


  1. The wife and I have reservations at Keagans in Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving. Our daughter moved to Texas, our best friends will be in Chicago and neither of us has family in the area. So... $17.99 per person for the buffet isn't a bad deal. Plus, they'll have football on the very large plasmas.

  2. I think it sounds like a fabulous plan, Ryan. Let someone else do the work. Eat whatever you want. No clean up. And football. What more could you possibly need?!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Sabra, the Walmart in Winston-Salem NC ran a turkey special at .40/lb.

    My husband cooks. We could not decide what to make, so we're making it all: grilling leg of lamb, roasting turkey, frying oysters, oyster dressing, steamed asparagus, green bean casserole, salad, yeast rolls. But then we're going all out since my Dad will be here, 4 weeks after emergency triple bypass. So he can have all his favorites--even mincemeat pie (eww). --Evelyn

  4. I'm reminded of the Beatles, "takin' the easy way out". ha

    My hubby is working 24 hours in the ER, no close family, so I actually thought about buying a chicken, roasting it, making my own dressing from scratch (I make good dressing), sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce (from scratch, no sugar, splenda), etc.

    I decided against that, too much work for me. I'll probably go up to the hospital and eat with hubby.

    You and I are only one year apart in age, and the older I get the more I HATE cooking for just the two of us.

    Right Truth

  5. .40 a pound! Oh my gosh!!! I'm glad your Dad is going to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with you Evelyn. And dinner - except for the meat parts - sounds fabulous. [A couple of years ago I discovered that I liked mincemeat. A woman here made mincemeat tarts and I thought they were some of the most fabulous little tarts I had ever eaten and ate a dozen of them. Must be an "acquired" taste.]

    I bet your husband will appreciate you're joining him, Debbie. A 24-hour shift - on a Holiday. In the ER. Oh, my. [When we lived in the States DH and I rarely spent holidays together. Pilots are another "lucky" group in a profession that has to work no matter what day it is.] Have I missed any of the posts where your DH had something to say about the crapola that the jeja-nancy-harry are shoving up our butts?

  6. In some households the turkey "guts" get thrown away. Sometimes they are dog food. Most traditional families use them for gravy. In my childhood home we fought over them with broken bottles. Turkey is the greatest foodstuff ever created and cooked, you cultural heretic! Repent now, Sabra!

    I cannot eat it anymore 'cause it gives me gout. Grumble.

  7. "In my childhood home we fought over them with broken bottles." So, the person who got slashed first ended up in the emergency room for stitches and didn't get the "turkey guts?" I declare him / her the real winner there, vd. Tough household you had in the day...

    Who knew turkey would give someone gout? Just one more reason not to eat it if you ask me. [As if I needed another reason.]

  8. My friend and I have been cooking for a week. We do the company Thanksgiving feast and include the US military who are stationed here and won't be going home for the holiday. This year there will be only 30. Last year we had 75.
    We all have different talents and blessings. I've been blessed with the love for and ability to cook. I am having great fun. 2 turkeys, 1 "special veal" roast, mashed potatoes w/gravy, (made from the guts), sweet potatoes, baked corn, green bean casserole, home made noodles, home made rolls, cranberry sauce and 16 pies. 4 apple, 4 cherry, 4 pumpkin and 4 pecan.
    Oh and fresh whipped cream.
    I hope you have a blessed day.

  9. What?!? No pumpkin pie? Not good! Go get a pumpkin pie this instant!

    Not cooking this year. Kids treating me to a fancy restaurant dinner instead. I would rather cook it myself!


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