Thursday, November 26, 2009

Truckloads of Goats [Sheep?]

And I cannot get the pictures to upload. Problems with this computer for months now.

Trust me when I tell you the goats/sheep were not happy. I wanted to know why so many were painted different colors - green and orange and pink. What does that mean? Different kind of goat? Tied down in little Toyota pick-ups. Packed so tightly they couldn't move in double-decker trucks. Oh, I bet they know what is coming.

[A young boy, probably about 11 or 12, wanted me to take his picture and he wanted me to give him 10 riyals for it. Had I realized that is what he was trying to tell me - I would have done it. But, it was only as we were pulling out that my driver translated what the boy was trying to tell me. I thought he was trying to sell me a goat. I kept telling him, "No thank you. No need. No thank you." He wasn't understanding me any better than I was understanding him. It was interesting that he followed me around as I was taking the pictures... Kind of like a store security guard would if they thought you were shop-lifting or something. I had no intentions of stealing a goat. Letting them loose and free, maybe... Someone needs a few more Arabic lessons.]

Today they will be purchased. They will be mistreated - not fed or given any water to drink. Tied tightly to a tree or a post or a gate in the sun with no source of shade. Tomorrow?

They will be manhandled as they are thrown to the ground to have their little throats slit. Afterward, they will be hung in trees or off walls or balconies by their hind feet to bleed out. Then, they will be dinner.

Tell me how well animals are treated here. Just try to tell me. I have never seen such filthy goats/sheep in my entire life. Matted down "fur" that has never, ever seen a brush or a comb. Never mind a hose and some soap. Trucks full of goat/sheep dung that the poor animals were confined in. Nice.

Where is PETA? Doesn't matter. This doesn't fit into their left-wing agenda. They are far too concerned with polar bears raining out of the sky and crushing people.

I am going to try to print the photos out from PMB - since I can't get to the program that I want - and then scan them into the HP program so I can put them up, here. As soon as I put that nasty turkey in the oven.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!


  1. Often "color coding" of animals is done to distinguish one person's animals from another. I've seen it done with chickens. They apply some sort of vegetable dye to the animals so everybody knows what animals belong to who. This tends to be relatively common in really rural areas where livestock often tends to just be let loose or kept in semi-communal areas.

  2. That must have been something to look at. Anonymous could be correct, something like branding the animals.

    Cruelty to animals seems to be part of the religion. We all know that those who abuse and kill humans many times start out with animals.

    How long have you been in SA? I would bet the language is difficult to learn.

    Right Truth


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