Thursday, November 05, 2009

What'd I say yesterday?

That if the "Hail rapist" was any other nationality but the one he is, he would have already been beheaded. Proof. Yeah, well, kind of sort of. Three people were executed beheaded for robbing a woman and then smothering her. Two Sri Lankan's and an Indian. Apparently their crime was much worse than raping FIVE little boys and leaving one of them to die in the desert.

...they lived happily ever after. Sure. "96 women inmates enter into wedlock." Aww. Isn't that just wonderful. Hey. Doesn't everyone deserve the opportunity to happiness in some way, shape or form? The women, all "inmates in various shelter homes" are having marriages arranged for them. [What could possibly go wrong?!] The women "were all convicted of violating moral regulations but later repented..." Well, then. Everything will be just hunky dory. Man of these women "were driven to violating morals as they had been deprived of their rights by male relatives such as greedy fathers." Huh? Apparently, regardless of the fact that many are now "spinster age," their parents had not allowed them to marry because the dowry was "not high enough" or their potential suitors were from the "wrong tribe." Nasser Al-Zahrani, Executive President of the Reconciliation Committe, places blame of the "fathers for marrying and divorcing several wives, which he claimed had a damaging impact on how their daughters were raised." Gee. Ya' think? [I guess that a man's right to four wives really isn't enough. Hmmph.] Oh. And let's not forget the "evil impact some television channels have on children." Always have to get that one last "dig" in there. Blame television. Blame the "West."

For entertainment at Sabra's Sandbox, today... The Kids are having a sleep over with one of their little friends. [One of DH's buddies asked us to keep his four-legged "Kid" for the day/night so he can go out of town. He will be back at noon tomorrow.] Our house is going to be full of energy today. The Baby and her little friend play so well together. The Boy will join in occasionally, but he just doesn't have the stamina to keep going and going and going that the two little Girls have. It will be fun. And, really, if you already have two, what's one more?


  1. This is in no relation to your "blog" but I did want to say that it was AWESOME talking to you on the phone the other day! I am gonna have to catch up in all your blogs but I thought I would say "Hi" first! - Christine

  2. I hope the sleepover goes by well for the girls and the boy!!

    I have tried Benedryl on Molly but it doesn't really work. I have a call into the vet at the moment to see what the next plan of action is.

    Good to hear from you.

    Gill in Canada


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