Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This (#&%!#!!! Computer

Seems to be a "Mozilla Firefox" problem. I can't "exit" out. The little circle that spins around in the top right hand corner never stops spinning. Just goes round and round and round and round... It locks up the computer and I have to completely shut down the system and restart it. If I use Explorer to try to post on my blog - the posts come out looking completely different than the "preview." Who knows what is wrong with it. By now it is no secret that I am "technologically challenged." I don't even know where to start to try to correct whatever the problem is. And man-oh-man-oh-man am I frustrated with it!

The frustration doesn't stop there, though - with the computer. No sireee. I am frustrated with my dryer, too. Well, not actually the dryer, but the repair guy who is trying to pull a fast one. The company maintenance people will fix personal appliances, now, but we have to provide the parts. Not a bad deal. I am happy that the company maintenance will take care of this for us, and we have no problem paying for the parts. Beats the cost of a new dryer. They took my dryer away last week to "fix" it. We asked the man who took the dryer out if someone could get the parts for us. He said, "Yes. Call Raoul at 55-555-5555. Great. Thanks. A day or so later, DH got an e-mail from maintenance that said we need three parts: a high limit thermostat, a low limit thermostat and a set of drum rollers. Fine. Where do we get them? There was a "vendor" provided in that e-mail and a phone number. I called Raoul and said, "Can you get the parts from 'Saudi Appliance Parts' for us?" ["SAP," from now on - not the actual name of the vendor.] He said he couldn't get them that day as he was "bizeee." Okay. Well, how about tomorrow then? "I will call there, Madam, and order for you the parts." You mean to tell me you are too "bizeee" to call today? I'll call and order the parts. You just go pick them up for me. "Yes, Madam." I called SAP. Two of the three things we need were in stock and the third would be ordered and would take a day or two to get. Fine. A couple of dozen phone calls and almost a week later... Raoul called this morning and said that the dryer would be fixed today. He just happened to have the parts on hand. DH spoke to him. "How much do the parts cost?" "You pay what you desire, Sir." Ah-ha! One of those deals, then. In other words, the guy - Raoul - who, by the way, sounds pretty dayum Filipino to me - used company parts and now wants for us to pay him for them. I don't think so. We have no problem paying for the parts, but we want it honest. Don't tell me to order the parts from SAP - and then find out from SAP [yesterday] that you have not gone to get them. So you've fixed our dryer - rigged it, more likely. Don't think, Raoul, for a skinny second that I am going to pay you for something that you either stole or "borrowed." I want an invoice with my dryer and I want to know that you have fixed my dryer with the proper parts - even though you never got the parts that you had me order - and I want to know that the proper entity is being paid for the parts. No. You are not going to have us pay what we "desire" when that is NOT the way it is supposed to work. See? That is why I have this ongoing problem with Filipinos. The houseboy who lied and stole from us, Rev who is constantly trying to one-up the system and screw his customers, and now, Raoul. Find me an honest one, here. Just one! Whatever.

In today's news...

There is more to this than what we are being told. A maid tried to kill her sponsor's wife. Sure she did. [But if she did, she did it with good reason, no doubt.] Nope. I'm guessing the man tried to kill his own wife. Or something. But I'd be willing to wager that the maid didn't do it just randomly...

No reason given why the execution beheading of the "Hail rapist" has been put on hold. You can bet your life's savings, though, that if the man who raped a couple of FIVE little boys and left one of them dead in the desert were an Indian, or an Asian, or a Sri Lankan or any other nationality that the execution beheading would have already taken place. A little more information on the man, Muhammed Basheer al-Ramaly, here, under the headline: "Per
vert to be beheaded and crucified in Saudi Arabia."

She probably just wouldn't listen. Or, maybe she just wouldn't shut up. Something. A man's eleventh - ELEVENTH! - wife is accusing him of "repeated physical violence" and says that "he had locked her up." "The Saudi man, said to be in his fifties, reportedly struck his 45-year-old wife 'severely' in the face and other areas and locked her in the house for 'several days.'" [I thought men, here, were only allowed to have four wives. The article says his latest marriage was two months ago... How many divorces has he had? How many wives does he have currently. No matter.] Why? Why lock her in the house? It isn't like someone is going to be able to see the bruises he left since she probably is not allowed to go outside without being dressed in head-to-toe black, right? Reportedly the wife "tried to report the incidents to the Family Protection Administration through their 1919 number specifically to deal with domestic violence, but they repeatedly failed to pick up the phone." Hmmph. What a surprise.

Apparently the 1919 hot-line is pretty busy. "...the number of complaints concerning home imprisonment from wives in the Eastern Province was on the rise, with 45 calls received in the past two weeks alone." Wow. 45! A police spokesman says not to bother calling the "hot-line," or the police for protection because "cases of domestic disputes handled formally by the authorities can lead to a fracturing of family relationships, and urged families to resolve among themselves internal disputes." He said what?!!? Just beat your wife and lock her up. There. Problem solved.

Is the number of SDS deaths equal to or greater than the number of deaths caused by PCRC every day? Just curious. Twenty-four people - TWENTY-FOUR! - die every day in the Sandbox from "sudden death syndrome." That is a little alarming, isn't it? A study is being conducted, right now. In the UK "statistics show that 12 persons die per week from SDS." What is the population of the Sandbox in comparison to the UK? The Sandbox has a population of 28,686,633 and the UK has a population of 61,383,000. So, a little less than half... Yet, twice the number of SDS's. Interesting.

Just for something fun. What a great post! I can sooo, sooo relate to this: "Procrasticleaning for the masses." Funny. Not hysterical tears streaming down your face funny, but funny.

Lastly - in good news - big congratulations to both Chris Christie and to Bob McDonnell for their victories yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia, respectively. And to Doug Hoffman, as well - who did not win - but gave it a great effort. If Newt Gingrich had a set of balls he would have been behind Mr. Hoffman from the get go, but nooo... Instead, the GOP chose to throw a rino in the ring - and we all know how that worked out. Dede Scozzafava should be required to pay back every single penny the RNC ponied up for her. Oh, and how's that constant campaigning going for you jeja? Perhaps you can now give a little thought to your Afghanistan problem. You know. After your midnight post-b-ball-game snack. Or something.


  1. but what causes a 21 year old to rape?

    I bet this man was also raped as a child.

  2. Do we really need to know what causes a 21-year-old to rape? I think not. Regardless of whether or not he was raped as a child, that does not make his behavior acceptable... At 21 YOU KNOW BETTER! Get some treatment. Read that book that is supposed to answer everything for you that you hang your every breath on. Do something. But don't go out and rape FIVE little boys and leave ONE of them dead in the desert!

  3. I have never heard of SDS before. However, brittain has 12 cases a week and KSA has 24 per day, that't KSA (24+7=) 168 per week, or population adjusted 28 times the brittish rate. I suspect the very existance of Sudden Death Syndrom in the UK is a way of not having to explain how the socialized medical system killed another patient while the KSA is a matter of autopsies be almost imposible to perform due to religious restriction. In the USA it's difficult to find anything on SDS unless it refers to SIDS in infants.

    I'll limit myself to this subject 'cause child killing men, battered women and doomed maids is too depressing to deal with just now. At least your poodle baby is well!


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