Sunday, November 01, 2009

So Much For Planning

I designed a perfect menu for an entire week. Went to the Commissary and got most of the ingredients. I ended up switching around the order of things because there have been no sweet potatoes on the shelves since I planned our dinner's for a week. Today, almost a week later, still no sweet potatoes. Oh, and there is no cayenne pepper.* What a surprise. We are still going to have the hamour tonight, but instead of sweet potatoes we'll be having something with zucchini. There is always zucchini in the produce department.

Now, to get planning on this week's menu, and do so with ingredients that ARE available.

*Next to the invisible poppy seeds and the invisible lemon pepper.


  1. Got my whole year planned out in the four classical cowboy food groups: beans, bacon, whiskey and lard. The perfect biscuit will encompass all of these; what other plans could i need?

  2. Absolutely none, vd! If we had the bacon and whiskey we'd be all set too.


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