Saturday, November 07, 2009

"It" Made the News, Today

The massacre at Fort Hood happened at around 1:30PM on Thursday - that would be 11:30PM, here in the Sandbox. The papers had already been sent to print. Thursday night in the Sandbox is the equivalent to Saturday night in the States. Someone would have had to work late in order to get it in print. And we all know that that just does not happen... Apparently it was a story just not worthy enough to justify someone having to work an extra hour or so. No matter. The story is in both of the English-language newspapers today.

Catchy headline, here: "Army psychiatrist goes beserk at Fort Hood." Interesting though, that what is actually in the physical green newspaper is not what is posted in the on-line version of the newspaper. Why? [This is one of the reasons we subscribe to the paper - both of them - because there are two different versions of each - the hard paper version and the on-line version.] In the Arab News, the bottom front page has a short eleven paragraph article from "agencies." Ditto for Saudi Gazette [article, here]. Associated Press and the MSM - or as Bernie Goldberg says, the LSM [lame stream media - he hit that one spot on!] - reports. Nothing new that hasn't been reported - mostly whining. Big surprise. Playing the victim card.

Much remains unasked though, and someone should be searching for many answers. He's in a coma right now? Isn't there some medical procedure that can "wake him up?" Do it. Does the killer have any money? Today the LSM is reporting that he said his good-byes. Aww. How touching. [Gag!] Why do I want to know if he has any money? First of all he needs to repay the U.S. for the "elite" education he received. What does a medical college degree go for these days? And then the follow up to become a specialist? A lot, no doubt. Then, he needs to plan on paying for his own medical care. Save the medical plan coverage that he has for someone that really needs it. And finally, he needs to be responsible for paying the families of the victims in some way shape or form. Go after his parents. His cousin. His grandmother! I will never be convinced that he didn't have this preplanned and we know that information they will be able to get from his computer will proove just that. Others knew. They had a duty to tell someone. Hey, that's just my opinion.

Nancy Pelosi is happy. Between the Fort Hood Massacre and then the crazy loon who went on a shooting spree yesterday in Florida have taken the spotlight off of the butt-load of crap that Americans are about to bend over for. Is K-Y Jelly going to be taxed in her "health care catastrophe?" Probably. Everything else is. Doesn't matter. We're all going to need it. America WHAT is wrong over there?! The administration currently in charge is doing more to destroy us than I ever imagined could be possible. Makes me not want to come home. Staying here isn't part of the plan either - we would not be allowed to. Reciprocity? What's that?! Exactly. [Has anyone else read all or parts of this? What about the section that says that if you don't comply you will go to jail? Something about the Ways and Means Committee. You know. That same Committee that has been shielding charlie rangel for tax evasion for years now. The one that HE is the chairman of. A perfect example of the "do as I say, not as I do" rule. Or, more apropos, one set of rules for the self-anointed elite and another for us. The lowly working class tax payers. Man-oh-man-oh-man. My complete and utter loathing of everyone that is steering Washington these days has surpassed over-drive - with my contempt and hatred for one - the jeja - over shadowing the majority. On the bright side, I have lost some weight. These people make me ill. All of them. [Well, okay. There are a few exceptions. Dayum few, though.]

Hmm. What else. Over here. In the news. This is good. Two women - professors - have been arrested for driving. They HAD to go to the mall. The article says they were "forced." Seems their driver "escaped" a few days ago and they had no male relative to drive them. HAD to go to the mall. I understand. But backing up just for a second, why did their driver escape? Perhaps they were mistreating him? They weren't paying him? He left for greener pastures? Something. He didn't just up and leave for no reason.

Good luck with this one. "Fathers may face jail for children without ID." Umm hmm. How does a man even know how many children he has if he is allowed four wives and several different types of marriages? Same thing has been tried in the States for low-life fathers that fail to pay child support. [I know this from first-hand experience.] Most of them get a pass and never see the inside of a jail cell. And their children? The rest of America supports them, via welfare and other "progressive" programs initiated by both right and left administrations with no regard as to who is really paying for all the freebies. That would be us. Personal responsibility? Never mind.

It was bath day today. Oh what fun! The Boy is actually very, very good about this. The Baby? Get her pretty hair wet? Why?!? [She is going to be doubly thrilled about tomorrow. Tomorrow is hair-cut day.] I know. I live on the edge. It is pretty wild in the Sandbox some days, isn't it?

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