Saturday, November 14, 2009

My gosh. There's a blog out there -

for absolutely everything, isn't there! I did my nails today. I started doing acrylics again when I was in the States in August. No one here can do them - which isn't to say that you cannot have them done - you can. No one can do them like I can do them. Our "Beauty Shop" does not do them. Why? No idea. They could [would!] make a fortune off women, here, if they would do them. There are a couple of shops off our compound that do them. I've been to one of them. They do them all by hand - no drills or electric "files" - and that is what I wanted. [I think drills, or electric files, are possibly the worst thing you could possibly do to your nails - but that's just me.] It took the poor girl three hours to do my nails when I went there last year. The reason I went was because it takes me three hours and I didn't want to spend that much time on my nails... It takes me three hours because I have such a hard time doing my right hand with my useless left hand. Ambidextrous? Not me.

Anyway - as I was cleaning out some of my supplies - getting rid of some old polish that is just too thick to use anymore - I came across one that was a favorite - there is no polish left in the bottle - but I saved the bottle in hopes that someday I would be able to replace it. It is made by Sally Hansen and is #04, "Passion Frost." A deep purple frost. I luved that polish!!! I haven't seen it in a CVS or Walgreens in eons. Hey - what if I could find it on the internet? What a novel idea?

Alas, the polish is not to be found - but who knew that there are blogs out there that are totally devoted to nail polish? First I found this one [really like the OPI "It's Sheer Luck" color], which led me to this one. The color I was looking for by Sally Hansen is very similar to one of the Jessica polishes she posts about - called "Grecian Touch." I'll see if I can't find that polish somewhere... If not here, then when I go home in February.

The other polish that I have decided that I must have is one I used the entire time I was in the States is one of OPI's as well: Black Cherry Chutney. Matches everything. A perfect "purple" neutral. I'll order it on-line if I can't find it easily. I know Sally Beauty Supply does not carry OPI [I tried to find it there before I headed home to the Sandbox]. ULTA does carry OPI but I didn't have the opportunity to go and get it. With Sephora over here, perhaps I can get my nails on it sooner rather than later. [Ha! Pun intended.]

Blogs on fingernail polish. My gosh. You learn something new every day, don't you?!

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  1. Put a little nail polish remover into the bottles that have thickened up.


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