Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cheapest Laundry Ever

If I wasn't so fussy about my laundry, I'd take it all to be done. The dryer is gone - being repaired [if they can get the parts - which, supposedly, are on order]. So, until the dryer comes back I am not doing any laundry. It is piling up. Knowing that Inam would be here today, and would need his cleaning rags, I took the full bag to Dhahran Laundromat. Five riyals. Five riyals! To clean an entire bag of rags. That is $1.34!! Wash, dried and folded. Incredible. How does this company even make any money? Look at these prices:

The exchange rate is 3.73 - or, 3.73 riyals equals one American dollar. The most expensive item on the entire list [which the scanner cut off] is 10 riyals to dry clean a comforter. How much does it cost to dry clean a comforter in the States? A whole lot more than $2.68, I bet!

On second thought, I am going to give them a try. Taking a small load of jeans to have done. They can't possibly harm those, right? I'll let you know tomorrow when I pick them up.


  1. I love their service! The laziness of ppl here.. makes operatin a laundromat profitable. Had a classmate whos family owns 10 in Eastern Province!

  2. Service was excellent - and with a smile [from the men there], too!

    Took a load of jeans and shorts to have done. Let's see how they look when I get them back. [That the salt water here makes things feel rather funky does not help... I forgot to ask if they did wash in sweet-water or not. The other cleaner's say they do, but I don't believe it.]


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