Friday, October 30, 2009

About Last Night

Once I get over being angry at what happened during the first THREE minutes, and then, much later on, the hypocritical disregard to what one person's belief is over that of another, I'll try to post on it. Am I glad I went? Sure. Something different and something outside of my "comfort zone." All for $13.40.

Even more interesting than the event I attended, though, was something that happened outside afterward. Slightly disturbing, but, then, hey, teenagers will be teenagers, right? What the boys there were doing was absolutely nothing more than what boys all over the world engage in. As I was leaving the area I had to walk through a very large courtyard with brick-paved walkways and families enjoying the park atmosphere outside around 9:45. Nothing unusual about that. The weather was perfect for full head-to-toe black dress - or in my case - a long-sleeved shirt [I didn't wear the off-white sweater I has originally planned on]... Families out enjoying themselves on what is "Saturday" night in the Sandbox.

Walking down one of the pathways I had to pass by a group of teenage boys - eight or nine, maybe ten of them - one member of that group had everyone's attention - he should have been whispering - but he was not. The part of the conversation that I caught as I was right next to them went something like this, "Best party ever. Before she left I f^(ked her right there on the table." [Nice. Someone probably eats off that table...] Of course I turned around - did that kind of "double-take" thing. The boys knew that I was staring at them and at the same time looking somewhat shocked. [Shocked isn't really the word I'm looking for. Perplexed, maybe.] Whether or not the young man doing the bragging actually did what he said he did, who knows? Who cares? My thoughts immediately turned to Mazen Abdul Jawad. "I dare you to post your braggadacio on YouTube. Just see where boasting about your xesual exploit gets you."

In and of itself that this takes place in this society really is no different than anywhere else, other than the fact that this particular society prides itself on being so far morally above any other. Umm hmmm...

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