Sunday, October 18, 2009

Major Run-Around To Do This Morning - With Update

Our shipment is here. A great thing. But I must now go spend my morning running around getting the exact same paperwork filled out that we get filled out every year. For whatever reason a half dozen different signatures are needed and a whole bunch of other stuff. Including money. It will no doubt give me much fodder for a post later today... Hopefully we can clear our own shipment through customs either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Update: Nope. No can do. This morning's running around went more smoothly than I ever imagined was possible. Not a single complaint can be posted here.

The trip to the personnel office to get authorizations and "rubber stamping," was five minutes in and out. No waiting. No questions. No missing documentation. [This is our 7th shipment, you'd think by this time I would have it down pat - I do - which is not to say that there are not a surprise thrown in for good measure. Next year, what do you want to bet the system with be changed?!]

The stop at the bank to cash a check. A five minute wait, maybe ten. I was number "38" and they were waiting on number "33" when I got there. But with three teller's working, it went quickly.

Downtown to the cargo office - Nama. Would have been nice if the man that called from there this morning would have told us that Pepsi Cola Road is closed, but we zipped down a few side streets and got a parking place -kinda sorta - right out front. DH waited in the truck while I ran up to pay [it is sent COD] cash and turn over the signed and authorized documents that were required. We were home in less than an hour.

Tomorrow morning we will leave first thing and go to the airport to clear the shipment. Nama would do this for us and then deliver the shipment, but this way, I can be there to oversee the customs officer opening whatever boxes he decides he wants to inspect and I can make sure that nothing gets destroyed [mostly I'm worried about the "canine nutrition"]. Due to the nature of Customs Clearance being such a male-dominated atmosphere, it was clearly obvious last year that my presence changed everything and they wanted me out of there as quickly as possible. No way am I NOT going tomorrow!

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