Thursday, October 01, 2009

Keeping Odd Hours is the Worst Part

Am being a bit too hard on myself, I think. Having only been back for some 29 hours, I cannot possibly expect that I can change the time zone I've been on in a matter of a day and a half. Did not get up until 10 yesterday morning - but then, didn't go to bed until 4, either. Was almost totally useless all day. Tired. Groggy. Forced myself to NOT take a nap. Went to bed at 9 last night. Wide awake at one in the morning... What to do with myself. DH was peacefully sleeping so unpacking and rummaging around the bedroom and in the closet was out of the question. Grabbed a pillow and headed for the couch so that I could turn the television on. Watched half of season five of The Office, which I brought back on DVD with us - along with two seasons of Monk and the entire series of King of Queens. Good knitting material. All of it.

It was relatively cool out yesterday and very, very dry. Good garage cleaning weather. Today Inam comes back for the first time in a month. I don't have him come when the babysitter / house-sitter is here. There certainly is plenty for him to do. Vacation and fun are over. Time to get back to the "real world."

There is a beautiful new university which has just opened in Saudi. It is all glass and contemporary and modern and supposedly it is a state of the art facility. I saw a picture of it yesterday when I was surfing the web. Can I find it now, when I want it? Of course not. No matter. The university is going to be the cause of some controversy, apparently, as it is allowing mixed gender classes. Oh no! Not that!!! We all know what that means: "Mixing is a great sin and a great evil... When men mix with women, their hearts burn and they will be diverted from that main goal (which is)... education." Amazing, isn't it, that schools all over the world have provided educations to young adults for eons without totally segregating the men from the women?

A tidbit from last week that I missed, here [I'm sure I missed a lot more! I was far to busy enjoying life to be sitting at a computer reading the papers from this side of the world.] A woman upset about the fact that her husband was about to take a second wife enlisted the help of the police to prevent him from doing so. Got to give her credit for using all available resources, but cannot offer any sympathy for her situation. Put your big girl panties on and woman up. You knew full well when you married the man that he has the right to take on three more wives. That is just the way it is, here.

From yesterday - an article I completely missed - insanity. I don't even know what snark to use in describing what appears to be the rape of a young unmarried woman, by FIVE MEN! - FIVE!!! - who is being punished with a one-year prison term and 100 lashes. What about the men? What is happening to them? Are they being punished, too? They certainly should be. Worth clicking just to read some of the comments.


  1. Since you mentioned knitting this isn't totally off topic. Did you used to be on Ravelry? I thought I first came across your blog from a link there but it's been long enough I'm not sure.

    The victim gets punished again huh? There was an international to-do last time a case like that got publicity but I guess notings really changed in how such cases are handled.


  2. Have never been on Ravelry, Naomi... Perhaps via Warrior Knitter you found me?

    I'm sure I posted on the last incident when it went "international" thanks to the internet. No, nothing changes here. And just when you think you are starting to see change, that teeny tiny baby step becomes several steps backward.

  3. Ridiculous was the first word that came to mind when I read the article!

  4. Ridiculous sums it up for all three articles, don't 'cha think, Laura? I'll have to go back and see how many more comments there are. When I posted this morning there were 129 of them...

  5. I read the 129 comments about the Five Man Pollanski Squad, and i can agree that: 1)we do not have the whole story, 2)the reporters are incurious about the details, 3)the sentance is for at least parially for attempting to get an abortion, 4)the Saudi courts' definition of adultery is different from ours and 5)the whole thing stinks both from what is told and from what is not told. I cannot form a strong opinion based on such occluded data, but it reeks in the darkness.

    But you see what happens when innocent women are allowed to wander into the cruel world of men, yes? This is why the university must not allow the mingled classes.

  6. "Amazing, isn't it, that schools all over the world have provided educations to young adults for eons without totally segregating the men from the women?"

    Eons? Uh, more like just over a hundred years or less. Well, mostly: there were earlier examples, but fairly decidedly in the minority.

    Related, maybe, I have occasionally fantasized about using a time machine to accuse the Members of Parliament who blocked women from politics (and education) on the grounds that they were incapable of logic/reason of treason against Her Majesty Victoria.

  7. Regardless, VD, part of her sentence was for her "adultery." Thoroughly agree with you that we don't have the whole story - no argument from me there. But you still have to shake your head and mutter "WTF?!" if you ask me.

    I used the word "eons" loosely, John A, and off the top of my head without giving any thought to how long schools have been teaching "mixed" classes. I can go as far back as "Little House on the Prairie" in my mind. So what that it was a one room school house and fictional. The girls still attended school with boys...


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