Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From MSM Yesterday

[I hope this publishes right. Computer has been fighting me for quite a while now. Something is desperately wrong with the stupid thing and I am too technically challenged to find out or figure out what...]

Yesterday on MSM there were a couple of articles. One was "44 tons of rotting meat stink..." It was "kosher" bison meat that was going to be used for dog food. What? "Kosher?" For dog food??? Well, alrighty then. The comments were great. One of the best of them: "I thought for sure they were talking about Washington D.C. .............44 tons of rotting meat" by 380Steve on 10/04/09 at 7:24 PM.

And, in the same category - Washington - the other article was on how jeja and his fist-thumping-wide-ass-other-half spent their anniversary. Not linking it. If you are that interested you're probably at the wrong blog and you can go find it yourself. I have made it vehemently clear how I feel about the jeja and his fist-thumping-wide-ass-other-half. I could care less how "they" spent their anniversary, regardless of how it is spun that the ftwaoh was [no doubt, by MSM's terms] the utter fashionista and all that crap. Steve's comment, though, partially applies there as well, with the "rotting meat" part. There is rotten meat, alright, and it is stinking up the highest most prestigious possible office in the United States of America.


  1. Alright Sabra, tell me what "ftwaoh" means. I must have missed acronym class that day.

  2. Janice, Janice, Janice - No more joy riding around in the Corvette! See what you miss by doing that? Fist-thumping-wide-ass-other-half. You were in acronym class for "jeja," though, right? :)


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