Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Is this wife feeling it? A slight twist, from the way things typically play out... A woman, along with "her nine 'lovers'," is "suspected of attacking her Saudi husband with a caustic liquid, stealing cars and robbing his house." [How many cars did he have?!] You hear about these kinds of things happening to women in parts of the world - here - and in other Middle Eastern countries - but not to the men.

My goodness what did the man do that his wife, with which he had five children, that could possibly garner such horrific retribution? He is permanently blinded in one eye - the attack caused "third-degree burns to his face and neck." Must have been something pretty serious. And, what's with the wife having nine lovers? [Are all five of those children really her husband's?]

This woman had it out for him - whatever it is he did - and you just know he had to have done something. She, reportedly, also attacked her father-in-law "in the same way." Not stopping there, she set four cars on fire and vandalized his other house along with homes of some relatives. Sounds like maybe the man had another wife? The article doesn't say. Is that what happened? The woman felt as though she'd been scorned? Hmmph. How does that saying go...

There are always two sides to every story and there is something that we're not being told. A lot more to this than meets the eye, if you ask me: "Following the incidents the husband reported to police that he had received a suspicious telephone call from a foreigner, and a trace on a second call the following day led to one arrest." Incidents? Plural. As in more than just a single incident. How many times did something have to happen before the guy realized that his wife was serious about whatever it is she was trying to get back at him for? Hmmm.

The man arrested, made after the traced phone call, "confessed to police that he and eight others had had relationships with [the] wife, and that they were all involved in the various incidents." Spilled his guts for some reason. And, am I the only one who finds it so incredulous that whenever someone is arrested confessions are obtained immediately? How does that work, I wonder...

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