Sunday, October 04, 2009

Idi Amin - Totally Off Topic

Steve over at Flopping Aces has a reader post up from yesterday about Idi Amin that fascinated me. I know little to nothing about Idi Amin and am curious what others may have read about the man. Any reading recommendations?


  1. Sorry, I know of the despicable tyrant from the news. In 1979 we were in Kenya for a short time. The newspapers were full of stories of Amin's collapsing government, murder squads run amook, and floods of refugees crossing the border. How he was allowed to escape has always been beyond me.
    The ba--ard deserves a special place in hell. The movie Raid on Entebbe might have been based on a book. Google it.

  2. Not disagreeing with you one bit about him being a despicable tyrant. Just was curious to read more about him, tj. Learned after reading Steve's article yesterday that he was allowed to go to Jeddah, where he finally died in 2003. We were here then and I don't even remember it being in the papers.

  3. No, but the movie, Last King of Scotland was pretty decent.


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