Friday, October 09, 2009

Reorganizing My Spice Cabinet

I got nothin' today. News is unexciting - which is a good thing, I guess. My spice cabinet needs reorganized [it really does - and that is on my agenda for this morning - yep, I'm busy, busy, busy]. No need making a space in the "p" section for poppy seeds since I am not going to find them, here. I'll get them when I go back to the States in February and bring them back with me... along with a few other things that I neglected to get while we were there.

Angry White Guy has a couple of really good posts up, and one that I specifically wanted to comment on - but can't - thanks to the most useless program in the world - Websense - which is blocking me because it thinks that "Angry White Guy" has to do with "XES." Since when did "angry white guy" become xesually connotative? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. So, I can't post specific links - but the posts - one of which is titled, "More Government Waste" will make you shoot blood out of your eyes at your computer monitor. Angers and sickens me to no end that we taxpayers are responsible for footing the bill for CRAP!

Acorn. Another stupendous waste of taxpayer dollars. Defunded? Of course not. They'll have their snouts at the trough again on Halloween. [Sorry. That is an insult to pigs, everywhere.] If you haven't signed the petition to make sure this criminal and fraud-infested front group for shoving the jeja's socialist agenda up our butts doesn't get another dime of your money, go here and sign it.

And, speaking of taxpayers, somewhere I recently saw a chart that shows how many people are actually responsible for paying - and something like 47% of the American people don't pay any taxes. Why is that? How come we have to pay so much and so many others don't pay anything at all?!! [Of course the group that doesn't have to pay anything includes that pos charlie rangel.] I didn't make a note of it when I saw it, so I can't post the link. [If anyone else saw this - let me know where it is so I can add the link, please.]

For something different. Ouch. Just ouch. I hope she was okay. Saw it at Bits & Pieces.

Yeah. Today? I got nothin' so I guess I'll get going on that spice cabinet reorganization. Seriously.


  1. Kind weird you can't link my site... so I'll provide the url's and that's for the props!

    More Government Waste

    I also have a new post up about the Nobel Peace Prize

  2. I can't link you because you are blocked - for leaving comments - over here, AWG. Otherwise I'd link... You have got to stop being all about xes. Then I can get to you.


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