Saturday, October 10, 2009

47% will pay no federal income tax...

With regard to the post I did yesterday and couldn't find the link for, that 47% of American households will pay no federal income tax... Good grief. My gag reflex is working so hard it is about to choke me! The Angry White Guy has another most excellent post up, "Where is my free money?" Found the link I was looking for - about the federal income tax - there. But that isn't really what his post is about. His post is about the people in Detroit who are getting "free money." Only they really aren't getting what they think they are getting.

AWG says, "Have you seen whats going on in Detroit? My GAWD these people are IDIOTS! No! They give idiots a bad name! It is offensive to idiots to categorize these dunces, these dolts as idiot..."

AWG and I couldn't agree more when he says, "THE MONEY IS COMING FROM TAXPAYERS YOU STUPID... ... ... If you had ever paid a dime in taxes you would know that!!! This is why EVERYONE... you hear me EVERYONE needs to pay something in taxes." And, since they don't pay taxes why should they care where the money comes from? "They pay nothing and do nothing, but stick their grubby little paws out looking for "free" cash, or what the liberals call redistribution of wealth from the working class to the deadbeat moochers." You got that right, AWG! "'s time these slackers and moochers get some skin in the game." You're preaching to the choir, there, Brother. Amen. Because I can't post specific links to AWG - I get blocked by Websense which seems to think that his site is all about something it has absolutely nothing to do with - I can only give you his site link. Go there and read the whole thing - and make sure to listen to these two "idiots" explain where the money is coming from
. Ya know - the least they could do is say thank you...


  1. If one didn't know any better, and I don't, I'd say Obama is trying to make our financial system implode.

  2. Al Sharpton said on his radio show that callers must stop asking for reparations for slavery. He says Obama is getting it for them, but only if they do not call it that. Regaurdless of what BHO means to do, this is how the various handouts are perceived.

  3. I'm willing to pay reparation for every slave I've owned and that comes to exactly ... hmmm... zero. I'll go one further I'll pay reparation to every living slave in America which, barring those in voluntary bondage would come again to zero... looks like my bill is paid. NEXT.

    Oh Sabra did you try changing the direct links to my site from to both go to the same directory. You can always cold link the post.

    I wrote Websense to explain there blocking so far no reply. This plays right into my latest post about the death of common sense.


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