Saturday, October 03, 2009

Laundry. Lots of Laundry. And an Awww...

I was so happy that we brought home bags full of clean clothes. So much less hassle than bringing home huge suitcases full of dirty laundry. What a shock to find a 2'X3'X2' pile of it in DH's closet. I left for the States ten days before DH did. I was a bit surprised to see a pile of clean t-shirts laying on the dining room table when we got home the other night, and on the buffet a pile of white socks and a dozen pairs of his underwear folded in half. But it was - as I said - a shock to go to his closet to start taking care of clean clothes from our suitcases and find that I could not even enter it. Well, I could, but I was standing atop a small mountain of dirty clothes. I guess I should consider that we are fortunate enough so that he can actually go for almost two weeks wearing clean clothes every single day and not have to worry about doing laundry - but for socks and undies. On the plus side, it will be easier to weed out some of the old stuff - mostly golf shirts and hang all of his new ones. I have two almost empty closet rods and lots of hangers. Fun, fun, fun!

And, speaking of dirty laundry... From this side of the world, today:

Calling BS on much of this story. Just don't believe some of the reported facts. There is, allegedly, an 80-year-old woman sitting on death row awaiting execution - beheading. Her crime? She beat the woman who was married to her stepson - kind of her daughter-in-law - to death, and admitted to doing so over some little tiff they had eons* ago. She is seeking a pardon and "is asking the family of the murdered woman to forgive her so she can spend the rest of her life with her grandchildren." Awww. Can't you just feel your heart-strings being tugged? Yeah. She says, "I am an old woman and every day my health gets worse... I would like to go out and see my parents who are now very old ...they haven't been able to visit me in prison." Good grief. If she is 80, her own mother has to be - what - something like 92? Provided she had the now 80-year-old when she was 12! How old is her father? 93? 94? The woman claims that her husband is 100, so her parents ARE YOUNGER than her own husband?!? How long has the woman been sitting in jail? The article doesn't say, but does say that she was imprisoned until her own children reached puberty. That would have been sometime ago, I would think. Most women pass child-bearing years at between 45 and 50, don't they? The facts. They just don't add up.

Questioning this, too. Supposedly a 70-year-old man committed suicide "by shooting himself with a rifle." Is that even possible? I've probably seen too many Monk and CSI episodes where this kind of thing - suicide with a rifle - gets questioned. The result is always the same. The "victim" could not have committed such an act. Call me skeptical. But think it would be prudent for the police to maybe double check the circumstances on this one. Naturally, as is always the case here, the man "suffered from mental problems." Hmmph. Don't most suicide victims suffer from some sort of "problem?"

My blogger neighbor, Sand Gets In My Eyes, has a really good post on some dirty laundry today, as well. Something I had no idea about. Apparently there are not a lot of Thai workers in the Sandbox because some years ago a huge theft took place at one of the palaces and several million dollars of jewels were stolen. Like $20 million dollars worth. A gardener, from Thailand, is the alleged thief and because of this debacle relations between Saudis and Thais soured and have not been the same since. Well, because of that, and the murder of several Saudis when they went to Thailand to track down the gems, there are only very few Thai workers here. Who knew? Interesting. Verrry, verry interesting.

*Using "eons" loosely, again, John A.

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  1. Read an article about the 80 yr old woman. Had the same thoughts you did about her parents. Was like "her parents are still alive????" Article I read also didn't say how long she's been in jail but did say she's been on death row for 8 years. Maybe 8 years ago was when her children 'reached puberty'. We are in a country where females never reach adult status and males are considered "youths" well into their 20's.


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