Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mean Vicious Step-Mother

Worse than the step-mother that Cinderella had, that's for sure. She will be executed. Good. Kudos to justice system here for having the gumption to make this woman pay the ultimate price for what she did to a child. A little child. No. I know I do not always agree with the way justice is meted out, here, but I certainly do appreciate the expediency of the court system as opposed to the lingering that takes place in the U.S. court system where cases and causes drag on for years and years and years.

A seven-year-old child was tortured to death at the hands of her step-mother. The step-mother says she was only disciplining the little girl. You can read the article, here. It is horrific. The father knew about the abuse and did nothing but encourage the step-mother to "discipline" the child even more. Some father. He will have plenty of time to think about what he did, though, during his fifteen years in jail.


  1. The comments in the Saudi Gazette are generaly in favor of lopping off the father's head as well (except for one tender-head). I'd agree if i thought i could trust the "confessions of the stepmother and the biological father of Kalthoum, who come from Myanmar." From this distance I'll accept the evidence as true and the fifteen years as insufficient.

  2. Today's gazette:
    "Fatima Kamaluddin, Kalthoum’s mother, tried to justify her decision by saying that she knows the meaning of separating children from their mother. She said that Laila, Kalthoum’s stepmother who has been sentenced to death, “is a mother too and her children need her. Executing or even imprisoning her or leaving her free will not bring my daughter back to me”.

    I am thinking the kids would be better off abandoned and raised by wild gerbils than by staying with this "mother".


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