Thursday, October 08, 2009

Five Years and 1,000 Lashes

Saudi's own Casanova is getting off lightly with a sentence of five years in prison and 1,000 lashes. When the man's indiscretions were aired on a program called "Bold Red Line" there were many who were calling for his head. Literally. Along with his prison sentence and lashes, which will "be executed in installments," the car he used, which is seen in the program, "to cruise the streets looking for girls" was confiscated. So was his mobile phone since "he used to hit on women using Bluetooth." I'd be willing to venture a guess that this man, who is 32, will never again even mention in the quietest whisper what happens between him and any future conquest. And, that is only if he does not decide that he is done with women forever.

Did he, and his three accomplices who appeared on the show with him, who, by the way have been sentenced to two years in prison and 300 lashes each, do anything wrong? Not sure is "wrong" is the right word... None of them did anything that men in other parts of the world don't do, but they made a grave error in judgment by allowing themselves to be filmed and then broadcast for the world to see. Big mistake, there, huh guys?!

All four men will be required to attend court-ordered counseling. That ought to make them pure and wholesome again.

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  1. And we have Jerry Springer, Maury Popovich,etc., whose sole purpose of taking up air time, is to air the dirty laundry of whoever chooses to expose themselves for the world to see. Oh, and currently we also have Letterman and any assortment of national figures being caught inflagrante. Seems to be a national pastime in the US. I don't even blink an eye anymore. I just turn off the TV.


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